Book Review of Forever Mine by Swapan Karmakar

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Forever Mine

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul

Writing Style


In this fast-paced world where emotions seem fallacious,
does true love actually hold meaning?
Are soulmates a concept that exists?
Do people keep the promises they once made?
This is not a love story like the rest, but rather a tale of four people connected through fate. Two love stories pass the tests of time, betrayal, separation, distance, inconvenience and destiny coming in the way of their love. 
Neel and Siya -two souls that meet and fall in love, but can their love transcend the boundaries that circumambulate it? 
Kaira and Aryan are an unexplainable romance, but a romance nonetheless. Their lives are intertwined in ways only God could have planned; their destinies are linked intricately. They save one another but would they be able to save themselves? 
Can these epic love stories truly survive the disasters thrown at them both through life and nature? Only time can tell and reveal the secrets that reside within.


A soul mate is someone who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you and accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would.

Dawson Leery, Dawson Creek.

Indeed, soul mates are those muses in your life whom you both desire as well as despise the most. 

So tell me, do you agree to the above?

Everybody in life surely always has someone to whom they look up to in times of happiness as well as distress, with whom they can simply ‘let it all go.’ Sachhi! That is what a soul mate really is all about.

 Agreed we have our parents and our siblings, best buddies etc for all of it. But guys, come on, I mean, woh ek insaan alag hi hota hai jispe you can completely depend and count on, even if the world decides to turn their back to you.

Romance, especially contemporary fiction happens to be a genre, I feel, which has a lot of readers especially in the youth as well as the middle age groups.

Having said that, the book I recently finished, gives a refreshing new light and vantage, especially to the concept of love as well as true soul mates. Agreed there are several books, quite a few of them even delicately exploring the concepts of love and its emulations. But this one, written by Swapan Karmakar, comes across as a fresh breath of air, defying the usual odds as well as creating and strengthening the complete concept of love, togetherness and dedication in today’s uncertain times.

Forever Mine by Swapan Karmakar is a contemporary romance. Based on and revolving around the lives of four characters Aryan, Kaira, Neel and Siya. As their individual love stories unfold, we get to not only witness the complexities in their heartwarming life journeys but also how they manage to overcome and deal with the same. Both stories are bound by elements of faith as well as destiny. Separation, heartbreak, drama, betrayal this story has a lot of elements in its plot and each element will only make you realize and relate to the concept of how true soul mates fight all odds presented to them by different twists of fate and destiny and proceed on towards finding their true love.

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Although predictable at some points, still it made up for a wholesome read. I admire the simplicity of the writer’s vision and want to really commend and applaud him on the way he has so effortlessly yet so beautifully put across complex and exhausting concepts of love and related through his writing. He has envisioned a love story that is put across in a relatively different manner, one which is dauntingly regular yet strikingly unique. As you proceed and delve further into it, you will start resonating with and living the characters at any instance. Surely, there is not only a Sia as well as a Kaira in any of us and so do live an Aryan as well as Neel. Grabbing and exploring their slices of life, whilst delicately examining why they took certain steps and decisions and what scenario caused them to do it and most importantly how they rise above all of these in their lives when encountered by the need to decide, is what is the true essence of this romantic fiction. Both the couples have a different, yet essentially similar love story. Similar in terms that Love not only conquers all disaster but does so surely!

Hindi phrases and translations used at places, I personally felt added a bit of that Indian flavour and colour to the book as such snippets when used sparingly always tend to give a refreshing outlook to the story as long as they are not overdone. The flow of the narrative was good, keeping one hooked throughout.

Both the subplots in the story have been well-written keeping in tandem with the requirement of the main plot. Also, the switches between the past and the present have been done very smoothly taking care to ensure that the story proceeds seamlessly as well as informatively.

A good contemporary romance with a new, fresh writing approach.

Hope you like the book review of Forever Mine by Swapan Karmakar. Let us know in the comment section.
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