Book review of Happiness Kit by Parushi Kalra

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Happiness Kit

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Parushi Kalra’s book Happiness Kit delves into the meaning of this word, the path to gain it, the road to it, finding it amidst the darkest of times. Solace in the face of moral crisis.


Happiness. Lost to the raging pandemic.

An emotion, actually much more than an emotion. Happiness is self care, self joy and self acceptance. That sense of heightened senses that makes you see the surroundings in sunshine and brightness. Without that light, that small beam of hope there is gloom. Everywhere destruction, everything tastes rancid without happiness. 

Pandemic and lockdown, their multiple facets have stolen happiness from us in many forms: grief, loss, depression, anxiety, a thousand forms of fear. Eloquence is lost to isolation, desolation has taken its toll. Open media, perceptions of fear is gurgled down your throat, pick up your phone and think of some family and someone out of it has went into the deepest of grief coloured white and devoid of spectrum of movement.

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Parushi Kalra’s book Happiness Kit delves into the meaning of this word, the path to gain it, the road to it, finding it amidst the darkest of times. Solace in the face of moral crisis. She mentions Daniel Goleman’s five key elements to emotional intelligence and structured her book around the same five elements as parts of the book.

“Self awareness” is based on how one needs to accept themselves in their totality. No matter how flawed, how wrong your actions may have been, no matter how bad the situations are you have to know yourself and you have to accept yourself. If you know yourself the best, no one can break your inner spirit to come back even after falling down, you can fall down, you will dust down and stand back up again.

“Self regulation” is controlling your own actions and impulses. Not let yourself slip the cliff, not let yourself break beyond repair. “Empathy” is when you allow not only yourself but also others around you to understand other people’s feelings. “Motivation” is when you are allowing yourself to take necessary actions to ensure happiness in your life. 

“Social skills” is yourself as a unit of a society, part of a system and thus be considerate to other relationships. Generosity is one component of not only personal happiness, but also community happiness. Grief, loss and anxiety is always going to be there, just the intensity will be different, sometimes high and sometimes low but it is just another permanent part of life. To find calm, in these situations is what is needed for you to be happy. 

Overall, Kalra has structured a kit for happiness in it’s completion. She has taken research, studies and her own format of bullet point and journal type writing into this book. Her writing is technical, which can be a miss for some, but it does what it is functioned for. The more you use your emotional quotient or train yourself to be more emotionally intelligent, the more you can cope in a difficult situation.

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About the Author

Parushi kalra is a Chartered Accountant based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. She has worked as a financial model auditor and has almost 6 years of working experience.

Along with a finance background, she has also completed a short course in Creative writing from Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, Pune, purely out of her interests in writing.

Parushi can be seen scribbling her thoughts in a diary or reading books in her free time. Writing a book has always been on her wish-list, and this has come to fruition with her debut self-help book, “Breaking up with Stress”.

She loves to read and research about the mind and behavioral aspects of an individual. How an individual feels and behaves in a particular circumstance has always interested her.

After compiling her own experiences and those of others regarding how one should react in certain situations, she chose to write a self-help book that she believes might create a difference in people’s lives. It has always been her dream to inspire people with her writings!


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