Book review of India Positive Citizen by Savitha Rao

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India Positive Citizen

Neelam Sharma,

Final Verdict


India Positive Citizen
One positive action, once a week, every week.
One IndiaPositiveCitizen = 52 India Positive actions
One billion Indians = 52 billion potential India Positive actions
Not that hard to follow, is it?


The process of making a change is not possible by just one person. Change happens when ‘many’ become ‘one’ and work together for a cause. This concept, or rather value is beautifully explained and penned down by Savitha Rao in her book India Positive Citizen- Building A Great Nation One Action At A Time.

The aim of the book is to tell the readers to take ‘one action-once a week-every week’. The action can be anything from not littering to giving someone food to just smiling at someone and making their day. It asks the reader to do something inspiring and positive; because when a single person does anything good, ten others follow suit.

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The book was like a ray of sunshine in itself. It was so positive, so refreshing, I am definitely going to reread it soon. The author made sure that there was no language barrier; it is written so very easily. I loved the idea of it, the beautiful and easy way it is written and everything in between. India Positive Nation is must-read and highly recommended book. It can easily be read and enjoyed by everyone above the age of ten. Savitha Rao has my highest regards and congratulation for writing this book. I wish her all the best for her future endeavors!   

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  1. RG September 11, 2021 at 4:30 pm

    This last few days, I was clouded by great delight to know about my nation- India, where people work relentlessly to bring happiness & balance plight in other’s lives. Touched with true & unsung stories from so many people, this book is meticulous bouquet of emotions, hardships, goodness, & most importantly patience, of which we are losing a track presently. Success is born when a thousand hands join only two of the person who starts piling up the stones to it’s heights. Sprinkled with the author’s own thoughts & ways to deal with circumstances, the reader indulges in repentance for mistakes & filling pride for their righteous decisions. Each & every single citizen in our country matters a lot, this thrust of inspiration, when threaded with the stories of our past, can only carve such books.
    A worthwhile reading experience, I suggest & request everyone to read this books & inculcate such positivity in thems indulging in works, which, in the longer run will serve the country. Pleased with this work of author, Savitha Rao.
    Thank You,
    Ritabrata Ghosh (R.G.)
    Author of 3 books, & presently working with anthologies, international magazines, & journals. Also, it’s mine third book-review from Sharing Stories platform.


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