Book review of Kathan by Parth Dubey

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Book review of Kathan by Parth Dubey


Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



Kathan’s addiction to sex and drugs were the residue from his burning emotions. All his adult life was marked by the presence of a strange character. Was this entity real or his hallucination? He went from being a depressed, drug addict to a renowned criminal. There is a point when emotions cease to be of any importance and he could feel that phase catching up to his existence.
There was some kind of expression in his behavior. Everyday living the same nightmare of a life, Kathan ended up being all alone. All his friends, family, no one could protect him from himself. The strange entity was always there, repeating a bizarre statement.

The mind is a powerful entity and if not controlled, destruction presents in the form of a story, an epitaph that needs to be buried with the body.


A quick enquiry if would allow guys,how often do you speak to your own self?? Kabhi andar ku aawaz pe dhyaan dete ho aap sabhi??

A self musing of sorts, this 80 something page book is more of a self monologue, a tete’ a tete’ with your own higher self i.e your conscience. The story begins in a different manner and you can’t help being sucked down this intense narrative of a man who is stuck in a quagmire of wrongdoings and questionable decisions and has lost his better judgements along the path. It comes across more of an introspection rather than a self destruction kind of fiction. It strongly makes us question the whole perspective we hold about life and related issues and also challenges our beliefs that anything or anybody can make us sad or happy, lonely or otherwise. Portraying a strong message that not our mind or heart, rather our perspective vantage of every situation is responsible for the end results we see in our life events has been put across through this intense piece. We ourselves are the cause as well as the effect of all our life circumstances. Of course, karma is touted to be a major driving force when it comes to life altering realties and episodes. Still our own choices and approach towards that particular circumstance are the deciding factor. Kathan, who had the promises of becoming someone worthwhile in his life, seems tobe sucked into the quicksand of all that is unethical and incorrect. The wrongdoings, demons and the shortcomings of us humans have been put across very diligently. Be it drugs, lust, depression or the uncanny thing about never listening to your inner voice, your self conscience, Parth has drawn a very strong,somewhat dark and closer to reality kind of a picture. I see that even though short, this one is an intense approach to issues grave enough to be delved into and addressed.

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Though, I personally felt that wìth such a powerful backdrop more build up and details could have worked more wonders. Also required was a more spruced up, spot on editing which would have given this title a better perspective and justice in terms of slicker presentation. Overall, a good read with a different yet intense approach. I must say it actually comes across as an interesting mix of fiction as well as a self introspection write up. Makes you hold on for a bit and mull the obnoxious aspects of life and its audaciousness too. Intense!! To kinda summarize the author’s vision:

Life is as beautiful a colourful kaleidoscope yet all we but dwell on ever is the gory shades of blood and dark hatred

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About The Author

Parth Dubey: A poet, writer and novelist Parth Dubey is the author of Kathan: An epitaph to be buried. When he’s not spending time with those he loves, you’ll usually find him wandering somewhere and thinking about the aspects most people miss out on. His calm and creative nature makes him a marvellously beautiful person. With over three years of experience in the writing world, Parth possesses a natural sparkling flair for creating captivating characters.

He has travelled extensively to acquire the necessary feel for building the right blend for the characters of Kathan. It is going to be a duology, and he has already started working on the second volume of the novel. 


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