Book review of Kuch Ankahi Alfaz by Satya Siba Sunder Das

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Kuch Ankahi Alfaz

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



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Kuch Ankahi Alfaz by Satya Siba Sunder Das is a Hindi poetry book. And aah….what a beautiful collection it was. I don’t read much Hindi books, but ones like Kuch Ankahi Alfaz make it worth it. And make me yearn for them more and more.

The beauty of Hindi and Urdu poetry cannot be compared; it is beyond beautiful. The poet did complete justice to it; with the topics he wrote on, the way they were written. Though I must say, I did not agree with him on some points. But the exquisite writing had me in its grasp.

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After finishing the book I, as said before, am looking for more such books. So, please drop your recommendations.

Writing poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea. I applaud the author for penning down these gorgeous poems and bringing them out in the world. I absolutely loved them.

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