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Conversations With a Ghost

Sahil Pradhan

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I highly recommend this 25 pages of powerhouse


For a nineteen year old to write such a book, kudos to you. For you to imaginate this world and populate it with such interesting characters, impressive. 

Conversations with a Ghost starts out as a paranormal fiction, finding it’s genesis at the idea that a ghost, here Bruma, connects and talks with different people to converse with them about the philosophy of human life, it’s mysteries and it’s inquisitive nature to know the bigger truth and the greater common good. The adventures of Niramin ( the author’s alter ego? ) in the world of PhART in the pursuit of finding the meaning of life, the existence of the human body and soul and the want to know the universal truths. 

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It’s not only the discourse of life that Bruma gives that constitutes the book, there are intense diverse study on the multiple facets of Buddhism, it’s original core concepts and it’s want to find the higher meaning and the truest knowledge in form of communications between two ghosts, Shiv and Vish, discussing the parallel concepts of the religion. Not stopping at religion, the author discusses the topics of education, faith, belief, pop culture and philosophy in dripping wit and humour, which fluctuates at parts but as a whole stays at the core of the book.

The writing style, the narration and the characterisation all are pitch perfect. The usage of prose and the style written doesn’t waver off your interest and allows the swift dynamic change of medium from light hearted fiction to heavy handed philosophy. Though at 26 pages, it all feels a bit claustrophobic, a bit rushed but the overall effect is bliss. You revel in the ideas, ask yourself questions and the end of it all is pure bliss.

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