Book review of Rescue by Shreejit Nair

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The story started with a bang, and then we went off on a journey into the past following the steps of this individual, who is he, what’s his story and where is he going. The individual who later ends up being the protagonist who is the one who takes us back in time, all of it without a time machine giggles. So many things happen from then to the last line of the book that I am at a loss of words.

Reading this one made my heart fell so many emotions that I penned it down in a poem.

Some stories make you laugh,
Some help you face, life’s challenges though.
Some put you to sleep,
While others in your hearts you keep.
Some keep you awake, till the morning next,
Some make you fall in love with their texts.
But this one here will stay in your heart,
Cause it’s about love, friendship and a second start.
Loved every single aspect of this book.
It’s an absolute must-read.
All the characters have their own place and space to be individuals who will make a mark in your mind.
There is so much to learn from the characters, love and friendship and loyalty and honesty and respect. It shows us that even during times of darkness we shouldn’t be afraid cause that will pass too.

Given a chance a few of the characters will get big hugs from me. I recommend this book cause it’s bound to make you feel, be it good, bad or betrayed, that’s up to you. It teaches us to take a chance and also shows us that some chances are too good to be true, while in other cases it acts as a helping hand from your trusted guardian angel.

Can’t wait to read this magical book? Buy your copy of Rescue using the link below

Amazon link of Rescue by Shreejit Nair. Book review. Books. Reviews. Book blog.
Amazon link of Rescue by Shreejit Nair. Book review. Books. Reviews. Book blog.

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