Book review of Retrace Love by Malini Amaladoss

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If you love someone, set them free, if they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.

Richard Bach

Retrace Love

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul

Writing Style


Love so intense and passionate is meant to stay forever, but a speck of mistrust can shatter ’the heart of heart’ into a million pieces.
Tina, a young TV Anchor falls deeply in love with a charismatic and sensitive Organ transplant surgeon, Ray. They are soul mates and their hearts beat only for each other. Tina anchors a story covering a high-profile medical case involving Ray. Tina blames Ray unreasonably, and breaks up with him. She buries her love for Ray and moves on, leaving behind all memories including her friendship with Meghna.  
Meghna and Neil fall in love at first sight, get married and start a blissful life together. But, Neil’s secret perversions and Meghna’s unprecedented decisions end their marriage abruptly. 
After a decade, Meghna, a single mother living courageously with zeal, meets with a terrible road accident and becomes unconscious. Meghna has Tina as her beneficiary. To Seek answers, Tina retraces the past with the help of Meghna’s journal. Circumstances lead Tina to meet Ray and realize the sensitivity of love and the enduring relationships that heart alone can fathom.

Can Tina embrace love again?  


This beautiful quote which has been mentioned in the book too depicts the core essentials of love and the true significance of one’s love of life and soul mate. Indeed, if they don’t come back it only signifies that the two are not made for one another.

Book review of Retrace Love by Malini Amaladoss

A romantic fiction which starts off in a refreshingly, unique way traces the love, losses and the emotionally tangled lives of two friends Tina and Meghna. It gives a perspective on true love and its calling and also highlights how underlying emotions of a person, which if unleashed can come and change life equations and sometimes life conditions too. These emotions akin to the currents of a free flowing gorge, many a time tend to move us away from better judgement in life wreaking havoc or sometimes creating pure magic too.

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That said this book depicts the play of such emotions and their karmic intermingling in the lives of two besties who are inseparable yet have different vantage towards life and look at it in separate perspectives. The healing as well as ever changing spectre of love has been captured by the author and put across to understand its multi faceted spectrum.

The author has painted the lives of the characters in a manner which is complexly interwoven, yet collides in the end symmetrically. The zesty pace with which the narrative proceeds in the first half especially embarking upon the past had me turning the pages eagerly, waiting to find out what happens next.

In the second half, which was taken ahead keeping in view the core visions of love and its changing nature, I somewhere felt a bit that the ending should have been a bit different. However, it is the author who envisions the same and I am sure she has designed the same with a particular thought process at the back of her mind. This ending was nice too, nevertheless.

Although half of the story was written in the flash back mode still it had me hooked as alongwith finding out about what was going to happen next in the current scenario I was equally intrigued at the same time to find out about how the two girls, these best friends had come to such crossroads in life where they had devpid themselves of love which they had cherished at a previous point in their lives.

That is the thing about love, it changes, evolves, retraces itself. It is important to not only surmise and decipher its deep complexities but to accept them whole heartedly surrendering to the magnamity of emotions that come alongwith it.

Malini has successfully highlighted and outlined these retractabilities and the changeable nature of love and put it across in a modern yet relatable manner.

Her narrative has an engaging, lucid flow keeping one absolutely hooked, especially in the first half. The endurance of delicate emotions as well as sensitivity of the relationships has been put across very naturally. The latter part where the story proceeds towards the climax giving some shocking revelations of the past (no spoilers here!), will make you see the changing perspectives in a justifiable light and make you empathize with every character’s stance in the story.

All in all an effortlessly captivating and refreshing read.

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A perfect read for Romance lovers

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18 years and above

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Book review of Retrace Love by Malini Amaladoss. Book review of Retrace Love by Malini AmaladossBook review of Retrace Love by Malini Amaladoss

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