Book Review of Second Hand Smiles by Rajal Dhakan

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Second Hand Smiles

Neelam Sharma,

Writing Style


the day you left
& i could not reach you,
i extended my arms
& reached for the sky,
i borrowed unapologetic laughter
from the stars & the moon;
my second hand smiles gave me
a new life.


“Do not fall in love with people like me
We are a ticking time bomb,
We will blast and leave pieces of ourselves
Stuck on your walls and then apologise
For this
Mess we caused knowing damn well you love it ..”

Whoa!! What lines. Make you simply go through the charismatic chasm of the poet’s inner most play of thoughts.

Wanna know where they are from?

Read on to find out more guys ….


‘Second hand smiles’, a book of poems by Rajal Dhakan is a latest title, musing and exploring all that is love, lost and everything in between. 

Indeed, this is a collection of poems which may appear as random thoughts or spilled pieces of musings to you at first, but once you delve into them far ahead, the point of it as well as the entire thought process of the poet will come across crystal clear. The poet tries to not only explore the different facets of love at different points of time, but does so in a manner which is at once relatable as well as difficult to put down once you make a head start on them.

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We all may have different interpretations of love, maybe even different ways to look at it. However, the core remains that it is one of those emotions that is your ultimate spectrum to life and the vantage you hold towards all that is dear and precious to you at all times.


This wonderful collection which has been divided into 4 parts, mulls over all that is delicate yet quintessentially forms the basic of human emotions.


Poems like ticking time may come across as spontaneous pieces at first but once you reach the end , the picture the poet has painted comes splayed across loud and colourfully conveying. Similarly, the wilting another astoundingly resonating piece written on pain and the way you should perceive it, convert it to hope and strength touched my heart.

Another stellar composition namely hate letters will surely compel you to bookmark those little titbits of advice in a nook of your heart for keeps. Because, this little piece full of witty one liners , written by the poet enlisting all paucities of human nature is wryness as well as quiet reflection to its sharpest best.


What really marvelled me was the fact that the poet has managed to convey the finesse of all human emotions through not only proper, lyrical pieces but also done so successfully through other random writings. I call them random, nevertheless, they actually form themselves into a pattern as and how we proceed with reading the book.

The poet has used language beautifully, more in the manner of a tool not to imply his skill but rather to muse, reflect and give the true concept felt whilst perusing that particular emotion and its elegance.

Say ,for instance, in the wilting , one of my personal favourite, the poet manages to convey the ultimate message of hope regardless of the pain reflected in the piece. This optimism based writing adopted in this piece alone shows the poet’s intent of creating master pieces through dimple yet powerful pieces of writing.


Almost , all of the poems as well as random thoughts/musings as I call them. They actually are not so random after all as they give a deep insight not only to the poet’s persona but also on humanity and the general disposition of people in today’s modern times.


All the pieces of poetry as well as thoughts created were very good.

My only concern what I felt could be changed a bit was the division of the compositions in a more refined manner.

Agree, the poet had put them in 4 sections, however, I personally felt maybe the sectioning could have been done with a bit more detailing and stringency, giving them a demarcation as per emotional quotient.


A good poetry book pertaining to love and all emotions lost and found, this one is perfect for poetry lovers as well as newbies wanting to peruse poetry for the first time.

Not to mention the gorgeous cover making it an absolute ideal treasure for gifting as well.


If you love poetry and a closer tryst to human emotions….


Don’t skip it .

Its a treasure trove of beautiful thoughts…

How did you like the book review of Second Hand Smiles by Rajan Dhakal. Let me know in the comment section…

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