Book review of Second Serve by Aparna Aggarwal

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Second Serve




The story is about a world-renowned tennis player, Abhimanyu Walia who has won several grand slams in the past. But his future does not seem so bright; he is in a hospital for a leg surgery. Ragini, his going-to-be-ex-wife and ex-manager, and Abhimanyu have been separated for about a year, with relations going downhill constantly. The story flashes back 15 years, showing how he and Ragini met for the first time in a school bus; their journey evolving from snickering classmates to best friends to marriage.


It had been a while since I read a romance novel, and after finishing Second Serve by Aparna Aggarwal, I realised how much I missed reading the books in the romance genre!!

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I loved the story, how the relationship grew and the family dynamics. There was a lot of tennis in the book, and surprisingly I enjoyed that too. I was immediately attached to all the characters. The emotion ran high, as I found myself with tears in my eyes twice!! The book perfectly proves the saying that behind the success of every man is a woman. There is love, betrayal, feeling of loss, ecstasy of winning and love again. I enjoyed everything in the book.

The writing, storyline, narration, everything was perfect. Second Serve was a heart-touching light read. Kudos to the author!!

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