Book review of Tashree by Sumit Menaria | A Hindi Novel

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Neelam Sharma,



त्‌ त्वम्‌ असि भारत के पुरातन हिंदू शास्त्रों व उपनिषदों में वर्णित चार महावाक्यों में से एक है, जिसका अर्थ है ‐ ‘‘वह तुम ही हो”। यह आध्यात्म का मूल है। तुम जिसकी खोज में भटक रहे हो वह तुम हो। जिसे तुम हासिल करना चाहते हो, जो तुम्हारे समस्त दुखों का कारण है, जो तुम्हे प्रसन्नता दे सकता है, वह तुम ही हो। ताश्री एक खोज है। कहानी के तीन अलग-अलग किरदार ताश्री, नंदिनी और विजय कुछ खोज रहे हैं, मगर तीनों की मंजिल एक ही है ‐ स्वयं।


Hear Hear! Today is the day when I have found the best Hindi read of my life. A book I am in love with; and believe me, YOU CAN’T MISS IT! I am not even kidding when I say, it is one of the best mixtures of fantasy, romance, action and spirituality in Hindi that’s available in the market.

Okay, I know I should divulge the name now. Ready?


It is Tashree by Sumit Menaria.

Let’s begin with the most gorgeous and fascinating cover. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at that DAMN COVER! INTO THOSE EYES! (even when the subtext literally says, “Don’t look into her eyes.”) Tashree is gonna stay in the front of my shelf for a long long time; just so I could stare at her every time I pass it.

Next, the plotline. The author has done such an incredible job crafting this hell of a story; I WANT MORE *sobs*. Much can’t be said about the story because…..aah, you’ll have to read it yourself. But, you have my word, you will not regret it. As I said before, Tashree is the best Hindi book I have ever read.

Be it the language, the narrative (I was at the edge of my seat THE ENTIRE TIME), the characters; I loved it all. The way Sumit Menaria has fitted bits of spirituality so smartly between the undeniably fantastic plot; I am awed. The language use is excellent. The author has also used Sanskrit at some places, quoting Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Vedas.

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And you know what?! Tashree has also been adapted in a comic series which I can’t wait to check out. It’s the story of three characters who are on the path to find. Find what, you might ask?

The book is part of Pratilipi’s (India’s largest free-access digital publishing and storytelling platform) new imprint partnership titled Ekatra with Manjul Publishing House, best known for translating the Harry Potter books into Indian languages.

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Book review of Tashree by Sumit Menaria | A Hindi Novel. Book review of Tashree by Sumit Menaria | A Hindi Novel.

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