Book review of The Bangkok Fiasco and Other Stories by Subroto Bandopadhyay

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The Bangkok Fiasco and Other Stories

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul

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I highly recommend this book to the readers of short stories


April has been a month of reading Short Stories. I read three books of some of the most amazing short stories. Usually, I have a love-hate relationship with short stories. Some just don’t make any sense; others blow my mind away. However, this time, I was pleasantly surprised. The stories in them made me feel thousands of emotions. Some made me laugh, and then some sent me into the vortex of darkness and some made me giddy with delight. Well one of the books that I am talking about here is The Bangkok Fiasco and Other Stories by Subroto Bandopadhyay

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I recently finished reading The Bangkok Fiasco and Other Short Stories by Subroto Bandopadhyay and WHAT A MIND-BOGGLING ABSOLUTELY AMAZING BOOK IT WAS.

*me taking a deep breath* Let’s begin the review:

The Bangkok Fiasco and Other Short Stories is a compilation of 9 short stories. Each tale, at the beginning, seems very natural. In fact, it feels as if the story is ours; we are at the centre. The characters, the realistic portrayal; it is all very down to earth.

And then the twists and turns begin. Not one story, NOT A SINGLE ONE, ended as I predicted it to end. Like how much depth can you expect in a short story? Not so much that you can’t see the ending even in your dreams. And yet, all of them caught me so off-guard; it was startling.

My favorite story was definitely The Bangkok Fiasco. The bizarreness and unexpectedness of it was delighting. Who knew that one day I would be trapped in the enchanting net of a short story? Well, it seems I am and I don’t need a rescue.

*another deep inhale*

Here’s the big confession: This is, no doubt, the best short story book I have ever read. I loved everything about it. The realism and the strangeness together; it was amazing.

A round of applause to Subroto Bandopadhyay; thank you so much for writing this book. I am in awe of your writing style.

I am sure I am gonna read this book again and again until I get tired of it. A must read for everyone out there. Give it a read, will you?

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