The Blue Elephant | Rahul Das | Book Review

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The Blue Elephant: Why India Must Boost its Soft Power

Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



This book is easy on the mind. Even a new reader can read it without facing any difficulties.


2020 was full of unexpected surprises; one of them being The Blue Elephant: Why India Must Boost its Soft Power by Rahul Das. Even I am baffled when I say that this was the best book I got a chance to read and review in my entire professional reviewing journey. You heard me right!! And it is non-fiction!⁣

So, the book dealt with a concept I had never heard of before. Soft Power, in international politics (quoting from the internet), is the ability to attract and co-opt rather than coerce. In simpler terms, it means moulding preferences through appealing. It was a fascinating subject to read about! The author has given his personal views on how and why India should work towards improving its soft power. The book questions many international matters, making it all the more informative and captivating. Other than these, the book is filled with fun incidents from the author’s life, somehow connected to the topic.⁣

According to me, the book was spotless; without a single flaw! It is written admiringly well with no errors. The author’s views have been presented skillfully. Another prospect that charmed me was the book’s length. I enjoy reading books in this genre; but usually, they are very long, tomb-like, and bore me to death. But The Blue Elephant has delivered all that was to be said in mere 250 pages, along with making me love it too!⁣

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