Book Review of The Calcutta Conundrum by Soumon Chatterjee

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The world doesn’t change in front of your eyes, it changes behind your back.

Terry Haves

Indeed, crime is one of those settings in Human society which will lead you to see, mull over and experience perhaps the weirdest, strangest and most unwanted and uncouth emotions you have ever experienced. What makes things even more uncanny is the fact that the harsh brutality of its nature is such that you are left reeling with nothing but simply a blank kind of deja vu at the end of it.

The Calcutta Conundrum by Soumon Chatterjee is a Crime Thriller Mystery that promises to pack not only an exuberance of a fantastic storyline and detail but an equally mesmerizing backdrop and characterization.

The story starts with the return of IPS Officer Pratyush Basu’s son, Pratik during Durga Puja. An unfortunate incident of a break-in assault lands up to his childhood friend Jiah’s Kaka Dadu aka Granddad Swadhin in a coma.

To understand and decode this mystery, Pratik joins the investigation by the cops only to discover more secrets and shocks.

What really intrigued me particularly was the way the story proceeded with its twists, not to mention the detailed backdrops set up at each and every juncture, making me see not only the city but the story in a multi-spectrum vantage.

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In fact, the vivid descriptive not only added to the colour and spunk but gave the story closer to a real-life feel.

Soumon has written a decently detailed and well-crafted mystery. The Colors he has splashed upon this mysterious canvas while doing so not only portray different cultural hues but also keep the tension in an exciting check, throughout the story. Pratik’s character is especially one which you shall really relate to. Remember Byomkesh Bakshi, Karam Chand and how we all use to really binge read on their thrilling adventures back then?

Well, this one is the modern crime thriller set up in a refreshing new style, created in a unique voice.

A racy plot, a short, effortless yet power-packed read, this one is a sure pick for beginners as well as those who wish to enjoy Crime and suspense thrillers with a dash of local flavours. Generally, I feel thrillers, especially crime fiction tend to be on a more exhaustive, elongated format and length as Authors try to use a lot of details to create that huge dramatic effect. The result also generally includes a bigger book aka lengthier content. Although, with this one I was amazed at the amount of information and the realistic portrayal Soumon has achieved in spite of it being a not very long narrative.

Managing to take care of all elements including emotions, suspense, thrills and chills in the right amount, at the right time has been dutifully accomplished by Soumon.

A good, entertaining Suspense to put in your TBR next. Go for it if you wish to read good, genuine and entertaining crime fiction.

A reader-friendly title, ideal for beginners this one is a versatile read packed with local flavours and perfect for that date with crime fiction noir.

Superb investigation outlined and pssst… no spoilers bit the climax was superbbb! Unexpected and surprising you will be thrilled!!

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