Book review of Weight Loss Tathastu by Bhushan Gaonkar

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Weight Loss Tathastu

Neelam Sharma,

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A perfect all round guide to fitness


There is no hiding of the fact that our lifestyles are getting worse as days are passing; overeating, adulterated food, high screen time and what not. All this is affecting our bodies in some way or other (mostly bad); and the most common one is obesity. And don’t we have someone pointing the ways to prevent it at least 5 times a day? “Don’t eat this!” or “Oh! You are using the wrong type of oil.” or “Have these pills to reduce weight in 15 days.”
It’s everywhere. But is it reliable?

Well, I don’t know about that but I have a source that is. Bhushan Gaonkar’s Weight Loss Tathastu (ahh I love it when authors get creative with names) is your one stop guide to losing weight. From how to cook your food to how to eat it; it gives logical and step by step instructions for everything. And yes, if you are someone who wants to lose 5 kgs in a week; then this is not the book for you. The author carefully explains how weight loss is not an easy and fast process. It needs patience and time; you have to work diligently if you want to it. And it’s not just about weight loss. The book is also a guide to for a healthy and nutritious diet. It lists out the things you should do right from the moment you wake up till you go to sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Weight Loss Tathastu is also a myth-buster. Rice makes you fat right? And isn’t eating less the fastest way to flatten your belly? No, and no. And these are not the only ones that are explained in it; there are so many.
The author has penned down the stories of his various clients t make things more relatable. Everything is listed in bullet points; the important stuff highlighted and explained. Extravagant diet plans? No. Rigorous work out? Again no. And guess what? It is written in such a fun and conversational tone; it’s everything but boring (another myth about non-fictions) I didn’t feel at any point that the book was stretching out unnecessarily or getting dull. You won’t believe but I couldn’t help laughing at some of the puns.

Kudos to Bhushan Gaonkar for writing this gem of a book. I loved the way it was narrated without being preachy. I have my daily diet routine planned out for me; get your copy and being your healthy lifestyle today!

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About The Author

Bhushan Gaonkar is an IT professional who wants to stay fit. He has been working in software organisations for more than 15 years. This has helped him understand the sedentary nature and work pressures of professional life. He started exercising almost two decades ago, with a focus on weight training and cardio, in a local gym. In 2011, he started learning and practising functional fitness and cross-training and gained knowledge about food and nutrition. 

Over the years, he has developed his own techniques to be fit by exercising and eating right. He swears by functional and strength training, including self-defence as part of his workouts. He is certified in cross-training and self-defence (Level 3 KMG associate) and is known for his boot-camp training.He conducts online fitness programs with his team of coaches at Fitness Messengers, coaching on the right mix of exercises, nutrition, motivation and wellness. He also conducts wellness workshops for organisations and educational institutes focused on building a healthy lifestyle.

He has worked with young mothers, working professionals, housewives, teens, people facing obesity issues and has helped them get fit the right way. His passion for and understanding of holistic fitness, complemented by practical implementation have been captured in this book.


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