Book Review of Pocketful O’ Stories 3.0 #Romance Unlocked by Durjoy Datta

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Pocketful O’ Stories 3.0 #Romance Unlocked by Durjoy Datta | Book Review

Do you like reading little stories of love? A tiny warm cup filled with so many emotions- a treat for your soul. Welcome to planet Durjoy where love meets and melts the cogs of my heart…

That’s the cliché about love. You don’t choose it. It chooses you.

Durjoy Dutta, The World’s worst boyfriend.

So, who comes to your mind when I say romance when it comes to Indian Authors? 

Of course, Durjoy Datta. An Author with more than 12 books to his credit, he is not only one of the popular novelists in the country but also a motivational speaker as well as the writer responsible for penning the plot for more than 1200 episodes of popular TV shows to his credit. Touted as the Shahrukh Khan of romance in Indian writing thanks to his brilliant writing, Durjoy has written on multiple topics such as love, disability, drug abuse, death, relationships and so on.

Being a blogger, I am fortunate to be reading multiple genres constantly. I enjoy reading all sorts right from fantasy to mythology to even sci-fi and thrillers. However, sometimes I am on the lookout, especially for a light, yet significant sort of micro writing ensemble which depicts human emotions depicting warm, fuzzy feelings akin to a rainbow on a rainy day. That is when the joy of reading micro poetry comes into play for me. Tiny stories, mini micro poetry, and a few lines were written encapsulating multiple worlds within, I simply love to revel and disappear in such pieces of writing for a bit before resuming my daily tirade of all sorts of reading.

One such book I recently happened to read was Pocketful O’ Stories 3.0 #Romance Unlocked by Durjoy Datta, a collection of stories of love and longing in the times of the pandemic. 

These tiny pieces of writing have been the result of the lockdown playing its effect upon the minds of those lovers who have possibly used this as their outlet to express their poignant yearning.

This book which is a compilation of the best from the 35000+entries is a compilation which also includes tales of love and longing from Durjoy’s own stories and interpretations in those testing times of the lockdown.

Do you know the beauty of these little tales? They feel like warm wafts of cotton candy in the middle of the sun-kissed beach. Take any of them for instance. The feeling of love oozing out of each one of them is simply magical. There are tiny tales, there are micro poems, and there are magical, anecdotal snippets that all but put me in a state of total mushiness. It felt like a canvas where each and every writer seemed to be splaying feelings of his musings, basking in the different hues the period of the lockdown had to offer.

Sometimes the simplest things in life bring a smile to our faces. This book for me was exactly that. There was so much heartfelt emotion in each and every couplet that I could not help but be smitten by the innocence and the honest revelation that accompany these sweet little nothings which have the potential to fill you up with the most positive, powerful hope -hope that will stay on with you long after you have finished reading them. The hope is actually sparkling love-innocuous, innocent, simple, unfiltered love which cannot but stay hidden forever and has decided to come forth in this manner.

A brilliant coffee table accompaniment, I happened to have multiple favourite pieces in this confluence of creative excellence. There were so many of them who stand like tiny little shining beacons of beauty, aspiring to say so much through so little. Be it Durjoy’s own penned pieces or those written by other writers of Instagram, each and every piece had its own vibe, donning its own aura, basking in its own unique flavour of love. 

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Get ready to mingle in these aesthetic endeavours of countless writers who have written these with a view to capturing your hearts, all poised to sweep you off your feet. Check out the pictures of some of the brilliant pieces I have attached below.

Pocketful O’ Stories 3.0 #Romance Unlocked

Neelam Sharma
Author: Durjoy Datta

Writing Style


ITC Engage, one of India’s leading fragrance brands is back with its much-loved bestselling series Pocketful O’ Stories 3.0 in collaboration with the bestselling romance novelist Durjoy Datta.
This year’s theme, #RomanceUnlocked captures the poignant yearning of lovers during the time of lockdown. Couples invaded the digital space and found new ways to connect and keep their romance alive. Their stories of love and longing inspired the latest edition of this series.
People were invited to submit their micro tales about love in the new normal. Almost 35,000 entries were received within a month, making this edition already a huge success.
Here’s presenting a compilation of the best tales that also includes Durjoy’s own stories of love and longing in the time of lockdown.


So, hope you guys liked my musings on Pocketful O’ stories 3.0 by Durjoy Datta. Do let me know what you think and feel of these little bursts of colour, these sparkling bits of life, encapsulated in a book format for you. Stay tuned for the best in the field of entertainment, lifestyle, travel, food, fashion, finance, tech and gadgets and all things bookish. Only here at Booxoul, India’s best book review and lifestyle blog.

Ciao peeps!

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