Book Review of The Veil by Chandni Goswami

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Read on to find out why I loved reading The Veil by Chandni Goswami


Neelam Sharma,

Writing Style


Vidya Sharma is a simple girl, her mind filled with perplexities and daydreams. She belongs to an upper-middle-class family who pampers and shields her all the time. She falls in love with her childhood friend Aadesh.

While she is head over heels for him, his feelings aren’t readable. On one hand, his attitude and gestures scream his deep love for her; his words, on the other, paint a contradictory picture. To divert her attention from all of this she begins to focus more on her studies, only to discover her passion for writing.

But before she could take her first step towards her dreams, her family begins to search for a matrimonial alliance for her. Her opinions don’t matter in their criteria for a perfect son-in-law. Amidst this chaos enters Ravi, the embodiment of her family’s perception of an ideal match. Entangled in the web of confusion and conspiracies, Vidya almost lands at the altar of her wedding with Ravi.

Seems like a simple triangular love story. Isn’t it?
But why does it suddenly veer to the burns care section of a hospital? And where will Vidya’s story take off from here?


She was someone’s, everyday love.
But you choose to!
She was someone’s faith and dream.
But you choose to!
She was about to live her life.
But you choose to!
She was wearing a smile on her face.
But you choose to!
She was a lady of joy & pride.
But you choose to!
To burn Her, To destroy Her.”
Ali Ameer (To all Acid Attack Victims)…

These lines surely will shatter your heart, questioning the realms of the sanctity of one’s humane behaviour. I mean burning someone throwing acid and deforming their face just for a grudge? To settle some so-called scores? To settle personal vendettas? A failed love? Utterly, grossly atrocious, demonic!!

My latest read The Veil by Chandni Goswami was such a story. Vidya Sharma aka Vidu who is the only child of her parents and her childhood friend Aadesh share a special bond that is much more than just friendship. Things get complicated when Vidu’s parents strike an alliance for her and she does not want to get betrothed to anybody except Aadesh. Aadesh’s side of the story here Is completely different. He loves her but owing to the vast differences in their familial and monetary backgrounds does not have the guts to either acknowledge or proceed with his true feelings for her. Also, being possessive of her, he cannot see her with another man, wanting to claim her solely for himself.

Shall not Spoil it further but what transpires next is as unexpected as it gets. How Vidu fights to get back to life, suffering a pitfall and how things change for the worse initially and then later for the good is what forms the rest of the story.

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I liked reading the book as it was written in a candid, realistic tone, coming truly first person from the mouth of the main protagonist Vidu aka Vidya who is as sensible as she appears to be immature, as steely of resolve and character as lackadaisical she is of commitment and dedication often.

I especially resonated with the character of her Dadimaa who was a constant source of support to her throughout the story. The part where Vidu struggles to recuperate after the acid attack has been portrayed very sensibly, the complete vantage being from her perspective, sensitively put across to not empathize, rather empower such survivors who see light beyond the dark tunnel they are subject to forcibly, thanks to such acts of barbarity. The language used was simple, yet the narrative had an engagement to it. Chandni has also ensured that each and every character has been built with the utmost care whilst giving fine detailing to each and every aspect of their persona. The manner in which the story has been carried forward, especially after Vidu’s attack is praiseworthy. Rather than giving the same cliched’ sympathy aspect, Chandni has chosen to show the positives amidst the plight of Vidu, the emotional upheaval as well as the manner in which she rises above her situation like a phoenix from the ashes. Not only do we get to see the different colours of her personality, but it is certainly like experiencing them in the first person emotionally, seeing her grow through her pain and convert it to power.

A fine work by Chandni that focuses on this demonic reality and also shares a realistic beacon of hope to actually motivate survivors of such mishaps, to turn a new leaf.

I hope you like the book review of The Veil by Chandni Goswami. Do let us know what you think in the comments.

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