The Thrill of the Chase: A Book Review of the Action-Packed Adventure You Will Die by Shiv Kumar

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Shiv Kumar’s book, You Will Die, is a book that will explode like a bomb—zip, zap, and boom! You are coursing through the story with adrenaline rushing, waiting for the labyrinths to end and the truth to take over, dousing your thought process in pure thrill. You Will Die by Shiv Kumar is a crime drama that you should not miss.

Action dramas, in my opinion, are a fantastic substitute for action movies. I mean, imagine getting to “read” something that, by watching, gives you the adrenaline rush vis-à-vis watching it unfold. I prefer the latter because of the amount of excitement it can exude with the detailed description, and the minute-by-minute account of any happening gives me more thrills.

You Will Die by Shiv Kumar, a title I just devoured, is one that falls in this category, and I must say it was a superb ride filled with chilling thrills, a drama that had action and speed and at the same time had a queasy feeling to it, something one would surely enjoy reading. 

Remember the movie series “Dhoom”? Well, exactly the same kind of vibe the book has been exuding for me The rush, the suspense, the uncertainty of what will happen next

The plot mainly revolves around how a terrorist named Abrahim has sent a video message threatening to kill the Prime Minister of India, and it is now Abhay Singh, the chief security advisor,’s duty to stop this and save him at any cost. Despite his and his team’s best efforts, the Prime Minister is eventually the victim of a near-fatal attack, which Abhay partners with his former protege Raghav, who also happens to be on the list of suspects at one point. So, whether they win this race against time to save the PM and discover who is the true villain behind this heinous plan, well, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

What I really liked about this one was not only the racy gait in which the story sets itself in motion but also how Shiv has ensured that each and every character involved, be it Shankar, Raghav, or any other, has a background story to them that has been fully developed and portrayed so as to give a multi-dimensional prerogative to the plot. Yes, the PM, Abhay, and Raghav may be some of the main characters, and yet the manner in which Shiv has brought out and developed each of their presences, giving them a definitive, detailed backdrop, shows how much he has paid attention to detail while creating the narrative.

Along with the assassination and the entire terror element created by the attacks, it felt as if I was actually watching fast-paced action that seemed to culminate, expand, and diversify into multiple other elements every chapter, evolving as the plot progressed and thickening as it went forward. Not only was Abhay the supercop, fighting tooth and nail to protect the PM, but his entire point of view on the story was extraordinary. It’s almost as if he is channelling the entire plot in a direction, which makes him the one striving to be able to get the PM, aka the supremo, himself out of a tight spot. Raghav, too, came with equal mystique, his enigma and flamboyance adding other hues to this kaleidoscope of a story.

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Shiv has used simple yet relatable language in writing this one, ensuring that the book not only appears to be engaging but also intriguing and approachable to the readers from the point of view of the simplicity of the language. You guys should bookmark this one if you want to read a great action drama that sets your pulse racing and gives you racy and saucy thrills.

You Will Die

Neelam Sharma
Author: Shiv Kumar



Adrenaline redefined through a review of You Will Die by Shiv Kumar, an action fiction


So, I hope you guys liked the book review of the action-packed adventure You Will Die by Shiv Kumar.

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