Are You Looking For Good Books For Kids This Summer? Booxoul Recommends 5 Reads By Indian Authors

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Booxoul Recommends 5 books for kids this Summer

Vacation is a time for relaxing. A time you detox, ‘leave your hair down as Professor McGonagall uses the term for chilling out a bit.

So, we at Booxoul here are in a super vacay mode peeps. With the sweltering heat of the season threatening to meltdown even the most resilient of you into a blob of gloop, we thought let us get our kids a little list together to read this summer by Indian Authors. 

This is not your usual, regularly googled TBR guys. The titles have been handpicked and selected keeping in mind a host of genres and we have finally shortlisted these 5 as we at Booxoul, sincerely feel you must give these books by Indian Authors to read, delve in and come back up not only entertained but also enlightened and satiated. 


So straight into it then. 5 books by Indian Authors for your kids to read and beat the heat of these summers:

1. Wings of Fire by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Need I even say more in this one? A book full of lessons, this one shows us the true meaning and purpose of life along with teaching us resilience. The Autobiography of the ‘missile man of India, this is written by the stalwart himself alongside Arun Tiwari. Dr Kalam through this one has not only examined his early life, efforts, hardships, and luck he has also shed light on what had eventually led him towards space research. The journey of his becoming the head of the Indian Space research has been encapsulated for all to read and take inspiration from so that even if one fails you know that getting back up in spite of hardships and giving your best is what makes a person the ultimate winner in life. Including snippets and instances from his life, this one is a  must-read.

2. Grandma’s Bag Of Stories by Sudha Murty

Ok, this one had to be there. I mean a children’s list and Sudha Murty absent from it? Impossible. We all have that memory bag of stories from our individual grandparents which become our priceless haul of life, something we love and adore beyond the limit. Accompanied by delightful illustrations, this one is a collection of 20+ traditional shot stories which are folk tales for children of all ages. The stories are simply written, yet enticing enough for young and old alike. I must add here that Sudha Murty Ji is surely not only knowledgeable but a true philanthropist, teaching good ways of life through her fabulous stories. Be it any age group, her pen has the power to mesmerize all at the same time.

3. Maya And The Sword Of Gringak by Meera J Pillai

A children’s action and adventure title, this is a teen fantasy fiction that will entertain as well as enchant anyone who enjoys fantasy and wants some fresh new content from this genre. A true page-turner, this one will keep your kids entertained for hours, what with a steadfast plot, promising to be seriating out in future. Written with a humane touch, this one is one of that YA fiction that can be read by both teens as well as kids and which harbours all the elements that make a perfect fantasy fiction. With an amazing storyline, great character building and all other vitalities in perfect tandem, this one make for an engaging summer read for kids.

4. Cricket Crazy Girl by Ishita Desai

Ok, this one is a little offbeat I agree. I mean you guys are going to be like sports fiction/ But guys, this one is surely one I want to recommend to one and all. Reason? It is one of the most inspiring pieces of fiction I happened to read recently. The chastisement of the gentler sex and the so-called social stigmas attached to them have always been a topic of concern that I have long since felt needs to be addressed. With this story, Ishita has subtly yet strongly nudged and mulled upon that facet of our social stigma which remains prevalent even after our advancement to a modern age. The backward mindsets and the untoward attitude needs to be done away with and this piece of fiction by Ishita does exactly that. A captivating story along with a powerful message, this is one the most potently powerful pieces of sports fiction you must make your kids read this summer, I feel.

5. Namaha by Abhishek Singh

A book of paintings and stories showcasing and exploring the ancient wisdom and literature of India, this book features paintings from across the globe right from the Himalayan terrains to cities across continents. Also, covering a huge spectrum this one has stories exploring many ideas that shall appeal to a wide range of audiences. With compelling illustrations and absolutely enthralling texts, this one is not your coffee table book but rather a journey into the world of ancient Indian mythology, deciphering its many symbolic, humanistic and ecological layers. Although pertaining to spirituality I would strongly recommend this one for kids as well as readers of all ages. Anyways, wisdom never comes in an age expiry pack you see. It can be gained at any point in life right?

So these were 5 books to read this summer by Indian Authors for kids by Booxoul. Hope you guys liked our recommendations. Do let us know in the comments what other blogs you would like us to come up with and we at Booxoul, India’s best book review and lifestyle blog shall be glad to get the same for you.

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Take care and have an ice pop people!


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