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I Choose Death. Every. Fucking. Time! by Aayush Sikhwal Is a Reflection Of How We Prioritize Death Every Single Time Over Life

What if I told you that you had the best chef employed, yet not a soul to share that meal with? Earning millions of dollars but still being lonely? I Choose Death. Every. Fucking. Time!: A collection of short stories on Smoking, Alcoholism, Religion, Love Marriage, L*st and The IIT-IIM Corporate World by Aayush Sikhwal is a collection of refreshing new stories which pores over life and its eventualities in a refreshing new manner

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Subjective Bliss by Vez Jauffur – A Satirical Take On Today’s Fast-Changing Society

There are some books which stay so close to our lives, thanks to their impeccable narrative and satirical take on the circumstances. Subjective Bliss by Vez Jauffur is a satirical fiction that not only entertains but puts forth a piece of life which we all surely know but dare not acknowledge for the fear of being judged. This a brilliant insight into the lifestyle of the upstart, the rich and the obnoxious, bookmark this one for your next

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Best Classic Translated Book: Timeless Tales in Translation by Chaitali Sengupta

Do you like reading classics? What about short stories? What if I tell you that there is something that is a combination of these 2? Well, let me recommend to you all this soul-stirring anthology of classic short stories translated into English Timeless Tales in Translation: A Representative Anthology of Bengali and Hindi Short Stories by Chaitali Sengupta by Chaitali Sengupta

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