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Book Review of Triansh & the Land of Immortals by Myst

Triansh & the Land of Immortals

Neelam Sharma
Author: Myst


Do you know what genre is truly my kind of phenomenal read? Something that gives me multiple feels all at once. Sci-fi? That’s right, you name it, and this stupendous genre has it all. From fantasy to thrill, world-building to emotion, sci-fi, I feel, has that fabulous moldability to scatter itself across a plethora of tales, weaving humane emotion into something beyond the realms of reality. Crossing over and embarking upon the journey of what I feel is truly a surreal experience, my last read of Triansh & the Land of Immortals by Myst has been something of a roller coaster, putting me through so much wonder as well as awe of the manner of its stupendous story and writing. And it makes you wonder how the author managed to interlay so many varied genres at once, dunking you in a kaleidoscope of multiple hues, all at one go.

‘Triansh & the Land of Immortals by Myst’ is one such book, which is a brilliant proof of one such mystical blend of fantasy, spirituality, and sci-fi. The story of three friends, Aditya, Arjun, and Akash, and their escapades, which commence with a simple trek to Moksh Parvat, quickly snowball into an adventure they haven’t even dreamt of in their wildest imaginations. Pssst, yahaan kuch jaadu hai.

That’s right, there is an alien, an otherworldly creature, Mauktik, here in the picture, who saves these three from getting lost and upturns the balance of their lives in a manner that could either be a saviour for them or a disaster, as time will tell.

When the trio encounters Mauktik, the journey beyond is something you will enjoy delving into. Prepare to immerse yourself as they proceed in the search for the elusive land of immortals, a quest that is as phenomenal as it is wondrous. A pursuit that empowers them, strengthening their bonds as well as helping them unleash their untapped, unparalleled abilities. Whether the three, along with Mauktik, rise to this challenge, proving themselves adept enough to rise to this sudden challenge fate has thrown their way, safeguarding the fate of both worlds alongside? Well, you’ve got to read it to discover.

To begin with, as I mentioned earlier, I personally really enjoyed the fact that three of my favourite genres—spiritual, fantasy, and sci-fi—have been brought together and fused in such a brilliant, seamless manner, making this a unique yet indulgent reading experience. Sometimes, some authors manage to layer their narratives with the best possible permutations, and I feel Myst is one who successfully managed to do it. How the tale proceeds, the style of writing being so resonant, the character depictions being so up close, giving you that feeling of having met them before—all of this is surely no mean feat to achieve, especially if you are attempting to blend in more than two genres at once. And yet, Myst manages to do so with a touche’ of brilliance, which is truly commendable. For me, the ability to blend in the elements with such perfection is what scored brownie points.

Each character, be it Akash, Aditya, Arjun, or even Mauktik, has been penned so flawlessly by Myst that I was put on a sort of deja-vu ride, picturing them again and again in my mind’s eye. Remember how Rancho, Farhan, and Raju stayed with us for a while, long after the movie left the screens too? It seemed to me to be that kind of effect where these three were roving upon my thought veils, making me wonder what would happen to them next and what course life would take for them beyond now. Mauktik, too, has been crafted so intriguingly, its sheer presence adding that perfect oomph of sci-fi to the tale.

What’s more is the fact that this one ends on a cliffhanger with a lucrative, budding promise of a next in the series, and I must take a second and confess how I am very keen to jump onto that one quickly as well. Yes, I want to know how the tale proceeds beyond this point, what mayhem shall transpire, and what role Akash, Aditya, and Arjun play in this larger-than-the-cosmos interplanetary saga presented to us by Myst. 

You know there is the sheer thrill of interplanetary wars in this one. It reminded me of superhits like Star Wars and Independence Day.

Myst has created worlds and ensured that he carves them in flesh and blood, bone and sinew, such that the characters shall appear not only real but that the whole scenario feels as if unfolding right in front of your eyes.

I must confide here that a tad bit of more slick editing for this one would have made this brilliant narrative phenomenal. It is written well, but, you know, a tweak with the formations here and there would have made it slightly more crisp, making it way beyond an enigmatic extraordinaire. Unfortunately, I feel that here the team, aka the editor, publisher, etc., is to blame since I truly believe that it is their task to ensure that the final content that is delivered to us readers is perfect. Nevertheless, it is a great job done here.

Myst would be happy to deliver his writing gems to us by always sharing them. See, that is the thing about writing. To be able to write something so beautiful and bring about a blend so flawless is something that is not easy, and Myst has done considerable justice to it, sharing the extreme paradigms of his creative vision, stretching them appropriately, and getting us something that is both indulgent and entertaining at the same time. This is a fantastic book; you should pick it up if you want to embark on a sci-fi journey that will resonate deeply with you.

So, I hope you guys liked my thoughts on this one. Stay tuned with us right here at Booxoul for the best in the fields of entertainment, travel, food, finance, fashion, education, tech, gadgets, and all things bookish.

Adios Amigos!

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