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Sense of a Quiet | Deepak Kripal | Book Review

Can one understand another’s emotions even if unspoken? Is it only love that can keep two people bound together or are there other factors such as trust, understanding and mutual respect too? And what if either of these ceases to exist? Where does one land from there? Presenting Sense of a Quiet by Deepak Kripal, a contemporary fiction which will give you much more than just an ordinary tale..

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Exploring The Dark, Underside Of Human Trafficking And The Travesty Of A Simple Individual At Its Hands – Book Review Of House Boy By Lorenzo DeStefano

Can pain be so limitless and boundless that it extends beyond the realms of even drying up in your eyes like forgotten tears, just coating your senses with nothing but oblivion full of just the travesties of brutal human trafficking? Trigger Alert – Explicit, lewd content which may not be suitable for bleak readers. Book Review of House Boy by Lorenzo DeStefano

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All The Lovers In The Night: Exploring the Psychedelic Patterns of Human Behavior and Nature in Mieko Kawakami’s New Book

Ever read a book that leaves you empty, void of everything you have ever known yet so full to the brim that you are left, bursting to the seams with so much that you might just explode? Read the review of All The Lovers In The Night by Meiko Kawakami to find out about one such book which will turn you inside out

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