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Song of Trinity

Neelam Sharma
Author: Vadhan


You know, earlier mythology as a trope was not usually sought after much, TBH, since readers, especially younger readers, always felt the need to connect with a narrative that was relatable and closer to life and reality. In such a scenario, putting across a myriad of fantastic elements such as imaginary fantasy worlds, mythological creatures and characters known yet awed upon, scenarios that induce lightning thrills when you pore over them, all this was unexpected. Yet, over time, as readers got a bit more experimental, mythology garnered a lot of interest. Also, I strongly feel the writing in this particular trope has evolved.

So, before you guys question me further, itching to know why I am attacking the ergonomics and the evolution of this genre, well, Song of Trinity: The Rise of Kali by Vadhan, a mythological fantasy, is a book I recently devoured and was smitten with, thus these thoughts.

As Kali, the Lord of Kaliyug, returns with his vassals in a bid to cast his vengeance, the world is surely nearing its doom. As the gods themselves come to an understanding and an arrangement to stop the bestial act, what happens next forms the crux of the tale.

First and foremost, what fascinated me to the core was the impossibly fantastic idea of God being annihilated and an enemy of such stature and magnitude driving his enemy out of the way with such ferocity. What also consumed me was how the entire fraternity of Gods united from within against external peril in the face of chaos and pandemonium. An impregnable fortress of sorts, a fortified prison of such sheer strength, invoked by the Holy Trinity as impenetrable, was an amazing concept, I’d say.

Written in an exuberant style, I was totally gobsmacked by the thrilling ride Vadhan made me embark upon through this one. Vadhan ensured that not only did he create a singularly unique and gripping narrative, one that is a complete myriad of different tropes and characters, but he also erected a succinct piece of descriptive writing that is as juicy as it can get. There is scintillating fantasy, brilliant world-building, amazing plot and character sketching, as well as a complete and seamless interweaving of some of the most amazing mythology and action I have seen in a while.

You know, infusing even humour in a manner by way of the “Rap Sage,” who actually uses rap songs to not only convey his thoughts but also does so in a totally sassy manner. I mean, that is totally rocking since I feel Vadhan has infused this element to add more intrigue and interest to the complete tale. Imagine even the word cuss being used—I mean, totally cool, right?

But on a totally different note, Vadhan must have surely put in a lot of research in order to build something so flamboyant and of such stature and magnitude. And it is evident with the kind of meticulous detailing, he still keeps it totally a page-turner, such that you want to just get onto the next chapter, yearning to know what happens next.

You know mythology becomes relatable when there is both magic and mystic realism embedded in it. Along with the brave and highly captivating male characters, what also had me spellbound was the equally mesmerizing female lineup in the tale. Another strong aspect, which I feel is a true USP of Vadhan’s style of writing, is how he has infused emotions into the entire story, ensuring that not only do we connect to it on a deeper level, but we stay entranced by the totality of it constantly. Effortlessly capturing the minds of anyone, even those who are not typical mythology or fantasy lovers, Vadhan has crafted a universe that is surely going to stay in the minds of all those who read it for a long time, even after they finish it.

Richly crafted with details brimming with cultures and civilizations, Vadhan shows goodness and evil in a kaleidoscopic light that splays multiple aspects of each in a manner that is flamboyant as well as vivacious. World-building done and curated in such a manner was what I felt transcended this one totally to another level altogether. 

There was so much imagery going on in each frame that I was amazed at the kind of depiction he managed to put across with the entire story. It felt like the whole thing was unfolding in front of my eyes, frame by frame, preparing to engulf me in a trance of sorts.

Spellbindingly created and beautifully written, Vadhan manages to strike gold yet again with this book, and I have a simple line for all those who want me to review it in one line, no other way! Read it today! It is fabulous, this one! I must confess I can hardly wait for the next in the series, such is the enigma of this one.

So, I hope you guys liked Song of Trinity by Vadhan: A Brilliant Communion of Fantasy and Mythology

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