Chaos: in Romance, Sexuality and Fidelity | A Book Review

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CHAOS: In Romance, Sexuality and Fidelity
by Raksha Bharadia

I am not sure where to start. This book was, from the word go an out and out engrossing read. Author Raksha Bharadia made sure to write the book in a manner that even fiction readers not for one moment would want to put down it. So many things to love! Reading this book was a lot like watching an interesting documentary on the life and its inception on earth. And one can surmise through reading it that a colossal amount of research and some interesting interviews with the people ranging from psychologists, marriage counselors, medical experts and general practitioners (and boy is it beautiful) has gone into the making this book, Chaos in romance, sexuality, and fidelity by Raksha Bharadia.

With incredible and insightful information and details, the book analyzes various aspects of relationships quite well. The author in her book ‘Chaos in romance, sexuality, and fidelity’ explores the history of love between men and women over the centuries and takes the readers one step at a time – not being too preachy and not too judgmental. And every aspect of romance, sexuality and fidelity are dealt beautifully with chapter by chapter. Raksha also sheds some light on how problems have emerged in familial relationships and the rapid rise in divorces shows that people in the country can’t seem to face the challenges/conflicts arise in their life.

She presents the facts as it is. But in the process, the book doesn’t get boring. In fact, she makes it more fun to read by using some fantastic references and quotes.

It gives readers the right balance of information, entertainment, and reader satisfaction. And by entertainment, I mean that the book contains some funny illustrations which also works as visual information for the mind to store in its database. This book is a definite “fuel for thought” and will rattle for a long time in my head.

The book is divided into 5 sections. And each section is a delight to read. From the beautiful presentation of the content inside to the narrative style of the author and to the language, that is impeccably graceful and well-balanced. To sum up, it isn’t a self-help book that will help you mend your relationships. No, in fact, this book is an analysis of relationships that will give you a new perspective to look through.

Rating- 4.5

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