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Be like the Devil Boss Miranda Priestly – The Devil Wears Prada! Don’t you think so?

That’s All!!

Well, sounds familiar doesn’t it? The infamous last words which Devil Boss Miranda Priestly used to say to almost everybody she met as she believed in practically excusing the other person away from her presence, bashing them from her sight onto the subjugated task of her choice. Well, Do you think of her in that manner aka The Devil Boss? Or do you think otherwise? Join us as we explore these complex facets of work culture and superior-subordinate dynamics through this one.

All right everyone, gird your loins.

Well, to be honest, every single time I come across this line, especially when I am watching this one in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, the first emotion that courses through my veins are sheer terror. Indeed, in the pandemonium that ensued in the scene following this one-off, one could virtually taste the adrenaline rush, the chills down the spine, the never-ending cold, condescending remarks, the hurt and humiliation, the never-ending and erratic demands and all hell has seemingly broken loose. 

“The Devil Wears Prada”
20th Century Fox Film Corp.

Miranda Priestly, who is the Devil aka the Lady Boss who is the cause of all this, is one character that I have somehow admired actually all my life.  Well, she is that head who is sure to make one step out of their comfort zone, performing a hundred times better than their absolute best. Ok, I know you guys will be like wait, she is as cold as ice, unrelenting, cold and calculating, not to forget sarcastic and extremely narcissistic, un-empathetic and insanely demanding. But hey, behind that hard exterior, lies that one wondrous performer who probably knows that there is possibly nobody who can do what she does, who can perform the way she does. Indeed, don’t we all at some point of time in life resonate and relate with this feeling? Imagine that time when even you may have felt that there are certain things in life where you are way ahead of others and nobody can surely match up to your levels. Well, that exactly is your point of perfection, that exact precise spot where you are par excellence. Hmm, now to give you my across my point-Well, Miranda is an excellent Boss, a brilliant performer who wishes to deliver nothing except sheer excellence and who thus does not settle for anything less than the best hence. In such a demanding scenario it naturally becomes a part of the work culture that she would come across as intimidating, possibly extremist and demanding, cold, calculating. But is she?

Well, no if you ask me. Why? Let me explain. When she puts across a job to her assistants she does so with a high capacity as in with a lot of expectation. That is because she has laid down a preset of rules, the level of performance accepted in a crystal clear manner. Also, since she is in the highest position of power to cause substantial change people will naturally submit to her demands be it her juniors or peers. Thus having the ability to control others through the fear of punishment or loss of valued outcomes is a coercive power she surely has been shown to be having since the beginning.

But, is this power bad? Well, depends on how you look at it. Agreed, it can become overwhelming for the employees to reach the set targets, follow those patterns and stay up to that level. But, guys this consistent fear and use of pressure is simply a style of leadership that fits the theory of power and influence.

So, the question remains do we or do we not need a Boss like Miranda Priestly?

Here are 5 reasons we all surely need a Boss like Miranda Priestly and I totally relate

Pushing you out of your comfort zone

Yes, indeed, when a person is pushed out of their comfort zone, he/she designs to work and give nothing but their best. Every day becomes a new challenge as there is continuous, constant learning happening every single day. Hmm, valid point yeah!

Alert and Updated:

With a Devil Boss like her, you have no choice but to stay updated, always alert and pre-informed fully prepped for anything as you may never know what she may ask you to get her next. All in all, a great life habit which is sure to benefit you otherwise too, in the long run as it is beneficial for keeps.

Never say Die

Oh yes, that’s true! If I ever saw a person who simply refuses to give up, who is as hard as a pack of nails, relentlessly on till she gets what she wants it’s HER! She is sure to incorporate the Never say Die attitude in your system should you ever chance to be working alongside her.

Hope AKA Taking chances in life

Oh yeah when she hired Andrea, Miranda took a huge chance, moving away from the standard, conventional routines. Seriously, I believe her when she says “Hope. My God, I live on it all the time.” Indeed, she does and she surely is a daredevil performer and a fabulous one for the record!

Figuring it out yourself

Ok, this one I am completely in favour of. Do you know what they say for great performers? That they are the ones who have it all figured out somehow. Meaning they do not constantly need someone to keep reminding and updating them as to what is supposed to be done. Well, Miranda has too much on her plate and thus naturally expects her subordinates to thus “ know it all”, has it all figured out as she feels a certain amount of independence, logic and common sense surely must be harboured by all at work. Result? Much better performance and persona too. 

Well, full strike with this one Boss lady!!

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So, hope you guys liked these little thoughts of mine listing down 5 reasons Why I feel we all need a Devil Boss Miranda Priestly. Do let me know in the comments below what you think of these ideas. Also, I have almost finished with the second book in this series which is “Revenge wears Prada” and shall be observing the finer aspects of work life as well as Miranda, Emily, Andy and all other characters of that book with you shortly. Stay tuned to Booxoul, India’s best book review and lifestyle blog bringing you the best from the field of entertainment, travel, lifestyle, travel, food, fashion, tech and gadgets. fashion as well as all things bookish.

Ciao peeps!

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