Celebrating The Devilish Boss – The 10 Most Iconic Scenes From The Hollywood Movie The Devil Wears Prada

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What or rather who comes to your mind when I say “Devilish Boss”? Obviously, Miranda Priestly of The Devil wears Prada.

So, ready to get onto a ride exploring some of her superbly vicious jaunts which make the movie sting us in the right spots even in sleep? Well, that’s all!! Um, I mean read on you guys.

Ok, so I literally cannot come to terms with this. 16 years (that’s the equivalent to getting a learner’s driving license you know), since the famous title got converted for the cinematic indulgence of its fans. One of the best movies to hit the silver screen back then, the Hollywood movie The Devil wears Prada is a cult today and for all the right reasons! Be it, Nigel, Andy, Emily and Miranda of course, each and every one of them has not been created but etched into our memories forever thanks to this brilliant cinematic experience we have witnessed.

Celebrating The Devilish Boss - The 10 Most Iconic Scenes From The Hollywood Movie The Devil Wears Prada

So, today I thought of doing something fun. A trip down memory lane, reliving some of the most iconic scenes in the Hollywood movie The Devil Wears Prada. I wanted to let you guys back into “poor” Andy’s shoes (hey not her Grandma skirts though, JK), Miranda’s ruthless vicious behaviour, Emily’s non-committal eye rolls and shrugs and so much more. Hey did I forget the fashion part-possibly the most iconic clothing and accessories we have seen ever? So let’s dive into the fashion camaraderie, shall we? Why isn’t anyone ready? Rings a bell you guys…

Andy’s first encounter

It’s this or Auto Universe: Ok, accept it this one is simply you or me at our most polite, true-to-self avatars at any interview. I mean, for Christ’s sake, Andy was so naïve. Standing in the crocodile’s den, waiting to have her head bitten off? “It’s this or Auto Universe..”. uff, this one was a gut punch, with the “That’s all” Miranda fired at her. 

Gird your loins

Haha, I feel you, Nigel! The perfect pre-lead-up to Miranda aka Meryl Streep’s introduction, this one is my personal favourite. The manner in which he is preparing the staff for the onset of a “storm” is stingingly hilarious.

Miranda’s savage non-verbal entrée’ is followed by her “open fire”

Possibly one of the best in recent years, here comes a boss lady speaking volumes with her boots, shooting icy stares through her tinted oversized shades, preparing to shake the best with the swing of that Prada and unnerving the toughest with that pursing of her lips-Drum roll** Miranda Priestly you guys, take a bow, huh? Wait you peeps coz the way she fired instructions at Emily after that had me going nuts like what the hell? Is she a robot?  Ruthless and devoid of emotion, a heart so cold that it could burn your insides out, here comes the beautiful beast, fully prepped in her vile, vampy garb. Adorned in the best possible couture, accessories de’ chic here comes the devil herself.

“A Pile of stuff..”, Miranda’s savage comeback monologue to Andy

when this sweater was selected for you by the very people in this room, from… a pile of stuff..”, well-TBH troll rag at its bestial best, huh! I mean, ok Andy shouldn’t have called those two belts “identical” (they both were cerulean indeed the same colour) but then that is hardly the manner to spank your junior for his naivety or lack of knowledge. Am surprised Andy wasn’t burnt to death because Miranda’s eyes were spitting fire, the dragonish look she gave her!

”Please. It’s just…I don’t know…drizzling”

A hurricane for Pete’s sake lady!! How can she understate it so badly? And that after line, it’s your job? Which God-forsaken job has it in its description to get you airlifted out just to fulfil a petty commitment. Not over your life Miranda!! And don’t forget Andy’s epic reaction-Could I do that?” when her father suggests getting them done.

“Are you wearing the Chanel boots?”

Oh yes, the infamous makeover scene. When Andy enters the office, Emily and another lady at work are busy bickerings about her like “all things wowww”. That look on Emily’s face when she asked Andy says it all. Simplicity shouldn’t be meddled with you guys else see the result! ( P.S I love that ensemble BTW, I would kill to wear that one ya..)

The Harry Potter Manuscript:

Oh yes, didn’t we all wait with bated breath? When she chucks down that copy on Miranda’s table and ends by saying “Is there anything else I can do for you.?” Epic comeback Andy!! Come to think of it, I was always intrigued by what shall follow next and secretly wished to get my hands on the manuscript before others. Miranda, gotta say as a Mom who wants to fulfil her children’s each and every demand you are all things sweet!

”Don’t forget to tell Emily”

Yes, this one where Miranda is virtually making Andy the “satan” letting her do the dirty work of breaking the news to Emily that Andy will be accompanying Miranda instead of her to Paris for the Fashion week. Talk about associate relationship management, for God’s sake Miranda?  Hard as nails the empathy the lady showed here towards both the girls were pea-sized yeah! An opportunistic from Hell, here is a woman who will stop at almost nothing to achieve her goals, Aye Aye Devil!

“You are very fetching…”

Ok, this one was a one-off. Miranda is in a weak space, now that is a rare sight, you guys. Still, the way she pulls up and gets back to “normal” when Andy gets emotional, trying to empathize with her for her divorce – uff, I must say the devil lady stole my heart here.

The final showdown scene

Where Andy tosses her cell phone at a water fountain, finally setting her priorities straight, listening to her true inner calling was like epicccc personified! The way she proceeds on in life after that is like true self love ya! Also, remember that one where she waves at Miranda in the end and oh did I catch Miranda smiling at her “former” self? Oh, mushhhh!!

Hmm, show some love, you little devils. Unlike, Miranda you guys gotta appreciate if you liked this little ensemble of memories I put together for you. Let me know in the comments about your favourite picks. It could be anything from a scene to a fashion accessory or a moment from this cult. (Psssttt, a secret if you please-my favourite is that La Rue Messenger Bag she wore to pick up stuff from James Holt’s party, am in love with that shaded calfskin sling ). 

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And an epic cliché’ to end with-the infamous Priestly Boss Devilish style-

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