5 Fear-Busting Ways to Leave Your Comfort Zone Behind

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We often get into a lifestyle or habit of going on preset paths, working around our usual methods and notions, and shying away from experimenting with anything out of our “regular.” This habit of not getting out of our comfort zone is something we need to do away with today to fight not only anxiety but a behaviour pattern that is detrimental to our overall growth as individuals. Here are some things you should be doing to get out of your comfort zone.

There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one are capable of living

Nelson Mandela

Yes, you need to fight your anxieties and do things to get out of your comfort zone today! 

The other day, I was in a room full of people celebrating my cousin’s wedding. Clapping and singing away with others, surreptitiously huddled away at the back of my cousin’s pack, imagine my “oops” moment when my aunt suddenly decided to pull me on stage and say “Cmon’, how about saying a few words in honour of the bride and the groom?” I tell you, guys, it was like a brain freeze for me. Not that I couldn’t do it, but man, it was like, you know, so uncomfortable being in the spotlight with several eyes on you, their judgement and their stares bearing down upon you, and most importantly, “what will they say” if I decide to blip? And yet, I chose to shake that off and proceed to do the needful and get out of my “comfort zone.”

Yes, one needs to go and fight that elephant. Gulp off that frog and do things that you may not find appealing or resonating, may be scared of, or may be intimidated by. And yet, go all out and do those.

Confused? Well, I mean things that you need to do to get out of your comfort zone.

What exactly does “comfort zone” mean?

Simply put, when a person decides to stick to doing those things, following those preset paths that he or she has trodden before, he or she is said to be sticking to their comfort zone, aka a place that they identify with, feels the least risky about, and is in a mental state of contentment, not willing to challenge their judgement or behaviour patterns, resulting in a plateaued or parallel response to any situation.

So why does one need to get out of their comfort zone?

Simple. To achieve newer goals, build and achieve bigger dreams, and trod better paths in life, one surely needs to be able to get out of their comfort zone. A person feels secure when he is in a space that is suited to his comfort. At such a time, finding the motivation to leave such a state of comfort is pretty challenging. And yet, one cannot deny that the more we stick to being in that “shell,” as I like to refer to it, the more we are at risk of losing that complete “contact,”  the engagement with true human experience. 

So, how does one get out of their comfort zone?

There are some things one needs to do to get out of their comfort zone:

Reframe your anxiety as an opportunity

So, the next time you feel like something or someone is compromising, scaring, or overwhelming you, go ahead and seize that opportunity, guys. Yes, opportunity, as it is the best way to make pals with that so-called mound of “fear” and re-label it as an exciting proposition. Imagine reorganizing your fear into something fruitful. Now that is what I call exciting!

Find the right people

Ok, I know this one sounds tricky but hey, try it ya? It is rightly said it takes a village to raise a child, similarly, it takes an entire group, a community to support you or even inspire you to take the next “leap” in life. Remember, be it a new endeavour or even your daily life, having a supportive group is your first step towards achieving anything or stepping away from your preset mental behaviour patterns.

Start an unfamiliar Hobby/Creative habit/Project

Since either of these require taking risks, and gaining knowledge in unfamiliar or familiar settings it is one of the best ways to break free of inhibitions and step out of that garb to come and shine right through, testing your wings and eventually soaring higher in life. Say, for instance, you decide to learn to swim, in spite of having a phobia of water, now that is what I call daredevilry peeps!

Record/Journalize/Speak to yourself

A sure-shot habit, this one is definitely for all, especially introverts, to break that ice not only with yourself but also to know yourself better. Yes, indeed. Because we do not take time to know and discover ourselves, we tend to get into our shells and refuse to step away from them. Once you develop a habit of daily reflection and gain insight into your daily life and happenings and also record them by way of, say, journaling, it helps you rationalize better. Likewise, speaking to yourself is a must, because, hey, why miss the opportunity of having a rendezvous with a genius? 

Meditation and deep breathing

Now, these two are more than exercises or life skills here. Meditation by itself helps you let go of all your anxieties and qualms, automatically helping you clear your mind. Similarly, deep breathing exercises are helpful too to pause, analyze, and rationalize your thoughts, helping you make the best decisions and channel your energy in the right manner, thereby, helping you explore new horizons in life.

So, those are the five things you must do today to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I hope you found this useful. Stay tuned with us right here at Booxoul for the best in the fields of entertainment, lifestyle, fun, finance, food, fashion, tech, gadgets, and all things bookish.

Ciao peeps!

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