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Publication: Vanguard Press

Page Count: 346


Set in Goa, ‘Feni Daze‘ by Mathew Vincent Menacherry is a story of an ex-soldier Victor Gabriel, an aspiring writer meets up with his former girlfriend, the gorgeous and rich Ana at the latter’s behest in a final bid to reconnect. What follows is about their brief stay in Goa complete with a constant Feni guzzling Victor who seems to have a knack of rubbing off people the wrong way or maybe he just can’t get over the whole macho soldier persona.

There’s a constant back and forth between the past and present as Mathew pieces together the complex character and justifies the behavior of his main protagonist. Plenty of intricate situations and characters add layers and layers to the whole back story.

Do I recommend it?

Feni Daze‘ is a decent book that reads like a Hindi masala film with our Hero-the drunk with a golden heart, beating up the baddies as he goes about rescuing damsels in distress. Add to that his totally smitten, poor little rich girl, Heroine who ensures Daddy dearest takes care of any real messes that our Hero might get into. All in all, not bad and the title clearly says it all.     


I have rated it 3/5 stars.

Feni Daze By Mathew Vincent Menacherry

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