Walking with my Soul by Jasbeer Singh

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Publication: Amazon

Page Count: 46


As you all know by now that poetry is one of my most favourite genres. I love reading poetry books because life feels incomplete without poems. A solace I seek every time I am down. So, whenever I get a chance to read or review Poetry books, I pounce on them with both the hands. The reaction I had, when I got a chance to review this book was beyond rejoicing.

Walking with my Soul by Jasbeer Singh’s a very nice poetry book, barely 46 pages long. So considering the size, it just took me almost no time to finish it. Furthermore, I like books that are compact in size because they give it a very lucid sense.

Now, we’re going to get on with the book. Cover has been very well designed. It looks attractive It looks attractive and pleasurable to the eyes. It’s one of the many reasons why I picked up this book. The title is apt and it sounds interesting. It is justified on the basis of the content provided within. I loved the musings that accompanied many of the poems throughout the novel. The musings gave a general impression of what poetry is to arrive next. It really felt good while glancing through them. The combination of poems & musings on every page was totally new to me. They complimented each other as I progressed further in the book. I loved this concept and had a pleasant experience while reading it.

However, I felt editing was needed. A thorough editing would’ve done the job. Also, rhyming & figure of speech needed considerable work to be done. Without a figure of speech, poetry seemed bland. Though the effort put into this book was evident, however, I still felt it could’ve been much better. The concept was good. Overall, a good read – neither too shabby nor too great!


I have rated it 3/5 stars.

Review of the book Walking With my Soul

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About the Author

Jasbeer Singh

Born in Chithi singh pora, Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir and bought up in Jammu. Currently working as a software professional. Although he grew up with a dream of becoming a doctor, destiny landed him in the IT field. Traveling to different places and knowing different cultures always amused him. Reading and Writing poetry makes him what we call alive.

His debut book is ‘Walking with My Soul‘ a sum up of some poetry and story mix up. Inspired to write more books especially storybooks. A dream to touch many hearts along the globe.

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