5 Fiction Books by Indian Authors Which Can Be Made Into Web Series

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We often enjoy “watching” a book much more than we did “reading” it. There are many thrillers which have the potential to splay amazingly beautifully upon cellulite. Booxoul here, thought of getting 5 such fiction books by Indian Authors for you, which can be converted to a web series.

Many times it so happens that some stories when written and conceptualized brilliantly, appear even more dynamic on screen, thanks to the amazing art direction and aesthetics adopted by the director to convert the written word brilliantly to an audio-visual reality. That is because the possibilities to depict them in an audio-visual format increase manifold, with there being a lot of comfort and flexibility to build upon the plot as well as the characters. That is the reason many people prefer and enjoy “watching” the book rather than reading it. An AV does much better justice to many things rather than written formats because there is always a scope to let the plot, the characters and all the detail illustrate out and develop naturally.

So, we at Booxoul today are here with 5 brilliantly written fiction books by Indian Authors which can be adapted and made into a web series:

1. Shut Eye by Abhinav Bhatnagar

Hitting off the mark, first in our list is a superb suspense debut which is a crime fiction set with elements which make it a fast-paced, pulsating, edge-of-the-seat suspense which makes it the best possible potential material for being made into a web series. Not only has Abhinav ensured that all the elements are in tandem but also that all the characters are realistically portrayed to give it the perfect thrill and chill.

2. Midnight Freeway by Vivaan Shah

Ok, this one is one of the best in the crime noir I set my eyes on last year. Be it the plot as twisted as it is fascinating, the characters so intricately silhouetted against one another, the crime pace set, the daunting circumstances leading up to the crime committed, in short everything very strongly reminded me of an international style crime fiction. One which each and everyone would not only love to read but also watch, in case it is made into a web series.

3. The Blind Matriarch by Namita Gokhale

What can I say about this amazing heartfelt piece of fiction created? Creating unity amidst disparity is a highly challenging yet accomplished task by a master storyteller. This is the story born during the struggles of the pandemic, rising above the melancholy of the lockdown, a tale all must read as well as see, I feel. Loaded with all human emotions, a sure-shot web series material.

4. Sons of Darkness by Gourav Mohanty

Ok, tell me something. What happens when you give a historical epic like the Mahabharata a retelling in a fresh and unique manner? The result is a spell-binding piece of writing such as this one. Not only is this fantasy fiction breathtaking, Gourav’s vision as he depicts these naïve kings, sinister queens, pious assassins and predatory priests alongside an array of several other dubious heroes is stupendous, beyond the realms of the ordinary. A historical fantasy fantastically portrayed, here is a book which I genuinely look forward to, to be converted to be seen on the big screens.

5. Lies look Like Love by Bijaya Kumar Mishra

Want to read lies, murder, malicious motives and a lot more? An interesting confluence of mystery, thrill, suspense and spookiness along with romance comes to this piece of splendid writing by Bijaya Kumar Mishra that will set you on a labyrinthine roller coaster which you shall be amazed by and also indulge in spellbound. With lives at stake, this thriller promises to keep you riveted to the edge of your seats until the end.

So, hope you guys liked Booxoul’s top 5 books by Indian Authors that can be made into web series. Do stay tuned for the latest in the field of entertainment, lifestyle, travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, finance, tech and gadgets and all things bookish. Only here at Booxoul, India’s best book review and lifestyle blog.

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