Gardening With Kids: 5 Reasons Why You Should Teach Them Planting

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Why Should You Teach Your Kids Planting?

In a world full of screens and impersonal interactions, planting something and watching it come to life, is an awesome feeling.

Indeed, gardening is one such activity that is as therapeutic as it is yielding, as motivational as it is indispensable. It happens to be one of those essential character-building exercises which are not only vital for the overall growth and sustainability of individuals but also for the planet as a whole. In fact now with the pandemic having relented and the world opening up, I’d say planting which is categorically a life skill, becomes even more important not only for sustainability but also so that screens, which seem to have become a convenient substitute to practically everything from playing to downtime to all other vitalities of routine, normal life is done away with for some time at least. So, we here at Booxoul have come to you today with 5 reasons, we feel why you must teach your kids gardening.

Kids Will Learn Responsibility And Patience

Gardening as a vital tool requires imparting a lot of valuable lessons to the kids whilst teaching them to care for and nurture plants- those little beings which are not only our co-partners for a sustainable habitat they also are one of the most important parts of our ecosystem. Bringing up a plant is as good as taking care of a child, a little one who depends on your attention and caregiving for life living. In this case, learning to take responsibility for plants as a caregiver, and paying minute attention to their needs with patience become automatic traits that the kids learn and inculcate. Hence, it is an ideal exercise to teach kids about the overall development and morale value imparting.

Kids Bond Better With Science

Oh! This is soo boring! Never will your kid repeat these words once you make them a partner on the journey towards bringing up a plant with love and care. Only when they are a part of the nurturing process will they start to enjoy it, understand it and also relate to the science behind it. Thus, the science which comes across as intimidating to kids many a time, automatically becomes relatable, thanks to this exercise of nurturing plants. With the daunting feeling of the complexity of science having been done away with, your kid will exclaim Science is COOL!

A Well Share Me-Time To Bond With Your Child

Thanks to the demanding schedules as well as the uber-fast lifestyles we are into today owing to our work and other commitments, quality time spent with kids especially seems to be getting on the back burner. To make matters worse, even kids, to be honest, seem to be having super demanding daily routines thanks to their heavy study and other curricular and extra-curricular schedules. In such a scenario, gardening and the time spent while doing it alongside your kids is a time well spent, helping you bond and spend that much-sought quality time with your children.

Promoting Healthy Eating Through Healthy Growing

Eating good and eating healthy is a vitality for a child’s overall development. Once, you inculcate the habit of gardening in your kids, thanks to the fascination they experience whilst bringing up the lovely fruits, vegetables they are taking care of, they will automatically turn towards eating healthy as the fact that they themselves have brought up and created the product will surely act as a booster to eat healthy and better for them. Thus, one can promote healthy eating habits in their kids through this exercise.

Playing In Dirt Is Healthy

Oh yes, I swear this one is true! Don’t crinkle your noses people because science has it that exposure to dirt, especially from a young age helps build immunity for kids. It not only has a positive impact on their brain and overall development, but it also inspires them to eat better, eat wholesomely and eat healthier. Start them onto this whilst they are young and what better way to do this than through growing plants!!

With the summer vacations around the corner, we know and understand that you as parents must be hunting for different ideas and activities, hobbies and talent skills to engage them in. The purpose of this simply is to make them better at what they do, make them more skilful and so on. But, at the end of the day, I want to sum up by simply saying, do also teach them those basics which are indispensable, which keep them grounded and also make them an accommodating element of this beautiful ecosystem we are a part of and where we co-exist with several other living organisms. Time we brought about a change in the mindset and teach our next to sustain and also co-exist optimally.

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