Upgrade by Blake Crouch Sheds Light on Gene Technology -The Next Step of Human Evolution and Its Effects on the Human Race

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A perfect sci-fi read, Upgrade by Blake Crouch speaks about gene technology and its adoption in the upgrade of the human race as the next threshold of technological advancement we are set to adopt. Blake points out how we as a species, even though all set for this next jump in the order of our evolution, still are radically debating it owing to the psychological as well as the emotional price we shall have to pay collectively to reach that point. In a brilliant piece of writing, Blake has very poignantly put across the answer to the most complex challenges which we surely shall be facing, if not now, then at some point in future, when we resort to such an upgrade. The book will leave you thinking along those lines where your mind may not have ever ventured before. Imagine your power of comprehension outrunning even time itself. Uncanny right?

Is it humane to be human till the point that you surrender to the higher power even if you may have superseded your own former self?

Couldn’t agree more guys! We seem to now be a part of a uber technologically advanced era wherein the misconception, if you permit me to label it so, stands that we can actually do what we want to as we are technologically super abled to be able to do just about anything in life. Having said that what I actually meant here was the fact that we as humans seem to be moving towards a period where we are completely making ourselves transcend to presumably next levels, sort of akin to a divine Godlike vibe.

We seem to be harbouring the strange notion that we have become some better “upgraded” version of our former selves and thus we cannot do and achieve just about anything with our technological acquisitions. 

In case you are wondering why I am suddenly getting down to discussing these minute details of our genesis with y’all well “Upgrade” by Blake Crouch recently happened to me. Yeah, I say happened to me because this one was kinda different from my usual sci-fi reads, which generally put me in a window to another world, a parallel universe, or some kind of a fictional setup where the logical chains of reasoning defy and differ from the usual laws of rationality.

The story revolves around a gene upgradation, this one is surely a ball hit straight out of the park as far as the extensive research and the detailing attached to it are concerned. I have to, at the onset confess that I was completely stumped by the humongous amount of data that Blake has used o supplicate this sci-fi, which in spite of being fiction was created with such effortless ease, so as to come across as extremely convincing to the end reader. Well, it’s a full strike as far as that motive is concerned.

Coming to the plot -the main story again tackling and putting across such an issue as gene hacking and upgradation is something so intense and intricate, that I am surprised by how carefully and delicately Blake has handled the entire story, the narrative. Be it his character Logan or Kara or even Miriam Ramsay, Blake has metaphorically and single-handedly put forth the most important and the most tantalizing issue which continues to hound the existence of our humanity. Technological advancement is that single tool which if sought after over diligently can turn into a Frankenstein’s monster, in the absence of reasonable restraint. That being one of the ideas depicted, I personally also agree with the complete perspective Blake has tried to put forward with this story showing us the shortcoming as well as the ill-natured eventual fate which might be in store for us, in case we proceed with the way we are today.

Yes, we are surely going towards stagnation, a ruin of sorts, thanks to our Upgrade. Indeed, I completely agree with the fact put forth that technology and upgradation beyond a point becomes a meddlesome aspect, especially if you do so challenging nature and its core. We need to realize that beyond a point we are but a tiny speck, a floating no entity of sorts, an insignificant aspect of a universe which is so huge that we are simply like tiny wisps of smoke compared to others.

We need to surely accept and adhere and bow to this reality in order to be able to acknowledge the true reality of our existence. Considering ourselves superior just because we seem to have cracked some technological hacks doesn’t qualify us to deem ourselves to be a superpower of any sort. We are sure and continue to be the almost non-existent entity in relation and comparison to the Higher power.

Albeit I have one trivial flicker of irritation with this one. I won’t lie but having read Recursion and having practically inhaled Dark Matter several times over this one was a bit too overwhelming as far as the over-exhaustive details are concerned. The fact that there was so much extensive technical factuality attached made it somewhat dry and a bit stretched in some places.

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Albeit that is surely not a reason to not being able to enjoy it to the maximum. Sometimes, technicalities are the best thing to indulge in, to fully understand and comprehend the drastic changes that seem to threaten the very fundamentals of our existence and life living. I know it does get overwhelming taking in so many technicalities at one time but hey it was a brilliant, otherworldly experience Blake gave us through this piece of writing.


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So, hope you guys liked my approach and my musings on this dystopia, this sci-fi magnum opus Upgrade by Blake Crouch created for us to drink in and comprehend what is the next level of us Homo sapiens, where are we exactly headed.

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