Why You Should Get Your Book Reviewed By Booxoul? 5 Reasons Why We Are India’s Top Book Review Blog

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So, do you love books and you love reading or writing, eh? Yayyy!! So do we buddy! Welcome to Booxoul, a place where we literally breathe books. Being one of India’s top book review blogs, today we thought why not tell you why it is that we are the favourite with Authors Worldwide!!

Having been featured and acknowledged by prominent sites such as BuzzFeed, OutLook India, Book Bub, Social Samosa, Book Bound India, Sharing Stories there is no stopping or looking back for Booxoul, one of India’s top book review Blogs in 2022

Why we are the Favourites?

Simple. Because everybody including our Authors know that we not only read and review the book but we do detailed, organic research for each book age, region, genre-wise, create the proper hashtags and ultimately market it generically. Result? The perfect marketing and promotion ground base for the Authors to promote and pitch the book as well as for readers to choose their perfect pick based on our review and analysis.

Why must you get your book reviewed at Booxoul, India’s top book review blog?

Firstly, we do not only read and review books, we devour them!!

But hey, before that how about a quick insight into how this wonderful journey began?

 A Graphic and website designer by profession, it was Neelam Sharma’s, who is the co-founder of Booxoul, spur of the moment decision, which she took alongside a friend after mulling over the entire concept of Book Reviewing and its affiliated possibilities in 2017.

At Booxoul, books literally breathe!! Booxoul, the name itself which was Neelam’s brainchild was born fusing two words ‘Books’ and ‘Soul’.

So, straight into it then!! Here are 5 reasons you simply must get your book reviewed at Booxoul


Booxoul’s ability to read and provide unbiased, critically acclaimed, genuine reviews is something that makes it stand apart, a cut above the rest.


Alongside understanding the mindset as well as the reading nerve of the readers, Booxoul ensures that it gives complete, minute attention to the reading needs of its community, taking utmost care to deliver nothing short of Best.!


Booxoul has been an entity that not only has the best interests of the Reader Community at large but gives equal importance to the Authors too. By providing the perfect platform for the Authors to bring forth their talent in the right manner and style and massively reach their audiences, Booxoul ensures that every Author is appreciated, lauded and recognized for their talent.


With a host of services apart from Book reviews as well as Author promotions, Booxoul strives to get each and every Author SOCIALLY INKED! More on that are enlisted below.


Thus, in today’s times when book reviews form a vital marketing tool, Booxoul is the ultimate medium to bridge the gap between the Authors and their reader community, helping each and every one of them connect successfully to the masses. We, at Booxoul, ensure in guiding our Authors onto the correct paths of marketing and promotion as we feel that their work deserves complete visibility, attention and appreciation. Hence, we offer the best promotion and marketing solutions possible and that is a USP that makes us stand above the rest.

We, strive to achieve what we call a multi-dimensional approach towards the complete, detailed, strategic, meticulous build-up and Outreach of a book’s potential reader base and market. We realize that the real work, in fact, starts after the book is complete, ready to publish, and free of errors. There are numerous procedures involved therein which we are glad to, Now offer as part of our services henceforth.

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 We cater to your individual requirement and also ensure that it shall be a completely satisfying experience for you, as an Author.

So what are you waiting for dear Author?! Get your book reviewed by us here

We sincerely hope that you resonated with the top 5 reasons why you must get your book reviewed @Booxoul.

Do drop us a mail and fill in the details mentioned and we promise to get back as soon as we can. Remember, ‘Books are food for the Soul’. Hence, like our souls need holistic fulfilment so do beautifully created books. Till then, Happy reading and soak in the Sunshine!!!

Also, watch out for the next in this series where we shall take up and minutely explain the core concepts related to book building and the complete marketing we offer for the same.


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