Happy Family: Conditions Apply – 5 Reasons Why You Need to Watch this Hindi Series Now

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In today’s times, when crime, action, suspense and such noir series have taken centre stage, especially on OTT platforms, Happy Family: Conditions Apply is one comedy Hindi series which infuses our overfull to brim kind stressed-out lifestyle with slapstick old school, feel-good humour albeit in a newer, refreshing style and yet the same old spunk. Happy Family: Conditions Apply which has premiered on Amazon Prime Video and has lately become my go-to series at the end of the day. Why? Well, 5 reasons why you need to watch it now.

Do you remember the golden days of TV soaps? No, no I don’t mean the usual saas-bahu or that typical chiffon saree-designer bindi vampish stuff. I am talking about khichdi, Baa Bahu aur Baby and Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai. Or even the brilliant classic ones such as Dekh bhai Dekh, Shriman Shrimati, Tu Tu Main Main, Hum Paanch, etc.

I mean these serials had like a life of their own. The spunk, the characters, the liveliness, I remember it being a time all of us used to fondly get together to catch up on the funny antics of the characters in most of these. Be it Sweety ka “hatelapan” from Hum Paanch, Balraj ka “bhulakkadpan” and “Sameer” ki mastiyan from Dekh Bhai Dekh, Hansa aur Praful ki evergreen rib-tickling laughter rendezvous in Khichdi or Maya and Monisha’s tete-a-tete from Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, all of us have somewhere lived through them guys. I have such awesome memories, especially of Ratna ji’s iconic performance as Maya Sarabhai that I used to try and imitate her accent big time.

Today, with multiple thrillers and noir series crowding the OTT space, Happy Family: Conditions Apply comes like a fresh new lease of hope. A feel-good humour, this one has it all closer to life, relatable characters, amazing humour, and familial comedy, this one has a lot of its spunk and character too, by way of additional generics incorporated in it, keeping in mind the changing face of today’s society. You may argue that’s new, it is the usual humdrum of the typical Gujju joint family drama, coated in the Gen Z flavour, but no guys this one not only ticks the right boxes as far as content goes, but it is also a breath of fresh air we need to break through the monotony of our lives right now. The positive response and love it has received from critics as well as audiences all over is proof enough that this one has arrived in style and is here to stay.

Revolving around how a family of four generations lives under one roof, despite having different opinions and most importantly is connected by one thing in common-their foundational support aka love for each other.

Having aired 8 episodes so far (four initially and two having been released every Friday thereafter) here are 5 reasons why you need to watch the Hindi series Happy Family: Conditions Apply now:


Oh yes, this one surely takes you back in time and how! You will not only be transported back to parts of your childhood but you are also bound to squeal in delight reliving some of those memories again. Agree the language feels a bit explicit at some places (Ratnaji your cuss words are cult, epic and I so love you delivering those gaalis!!). But hey, it comes with its perks of giving you total reminiscence, transporting you back to those happy old times yeah.

Amazing in-character chemistry

Be it the men of the house Dadaji Mansukh, Ramesh Bhai Dholakia or even Hemlata Dadi and Pallavi, the chemistry between these characters or rather the actors is par excellence. I am especially stumped by Ratna Pathak Shah’s and Raj Babber’s control over their character and delivery. Hemlata Dadi is one you surely cannot miss in any frame for she is all over the screen, full of life, yak-yakking away, swinging you between yesteryears and her effortless acceptance of the Gen Z style and life living(Imagine champagne in a steel glass!!) Love it.

Recreating the wonder

Yes, it is not so easy to depict that typical Indian joint family without highlighting the challenges and Aatish and J.D Majethia have again done what they are always pro at doing-creating that believable on-screen magic -indeed showing all of us that yes all families can be happy families albeit with conditions applied. Kudos to you gentlemen for getting us back to life amidst all the stress, drama and mundane stuff. Cheers to the giggles you give us in each frame guys. Not so easy peasy I tell you to make people laugh yeah.

The female lineup

Be it the iconic Ratna ji (I am a self-confessed fan of hers you all!), as the heads matriarch, her obedient tech-savvy obedient D-I-L Ayesha Jhulka, or even Tisca, the grand D-I-L (Meenal) or Sanah Kapur, there is a brilliant amalgam of Gen Z and X here. Not to forget the insanity these “not so sane as such” ladies get to this mad mania. (A special mention here to Kanakvali, the maid character, the man she is like awesome!!)

Entertainment with a motto

Yes, Aatish and J.D. here are attempting to show us what a Happy Family should look like, with all its odds and evens, with all its highs and lows, standing tall and even despite its gay “oddities” (no spoilers). They are not painting an impossible too good to be true world rather they are simply trying to simplify and make good the world we live in. Uff, see what this brilliant, closer-to-a-happy-life drama did to me!

Aatish and J.D. you guys have a huge cheerleader here!

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So, hope you guys liked my article on the Hindi series Happy Family: Conditions Apply

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