Hina Nauman’s Born to Be Naughty-Meet the Witty and Inquisitive Hanna the Guardian of Nature

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Let me introduce you to a witty, smart and curious book-Born to be Naughty by Hina Nauman (Hanna the Guardian Nature). Children’s fiction laced with humour, mischief and compassion also teach us the importance of humility and love. What else do you need if children along with amusement and enjoyment learn great ethics too? I am super lucky to have been able to read such an amazing book.

An apple a day keeps anyone away… if you throw it hard enough (hahaha)

Indeed, Don’t we all agree with this mischievous yet true philosophy?

And such and many more like these are the tiny whizz bang philosophies of little Hanna who is the main protagonist of this book I recently read Born to Naughty (Hanna the Guardian of Nature) by Hina Nauman is a book which I must say, although written from a young kid’s point of view, nevertheless will appeal to all age groups, young and old alike. Little Hanna is a fun-loving, adorable yet mischievous 7 year old, the story is not simply an attempt to provide some fun-loving laughter and giggles to the readers but also impart the importance of humane qualities such as love for nature, care, friendship, kindness, compassion and of course, a bit of innocent (well, not fully hahaha) mischief through the narrative.

I was bowled and hooked right from the start of the book, all thanks to the way Hina has beautifully explained how God made us and designed our different forms so all of us are different looking and yet good in our own perspective. Hanna, who is an adorable yet highly naughty 7-year-old, is kind of brought abreast of reality and what happens when loss strikes. Saving a sparrow from dying, Hanna, later on, proceeds to care for and nurse her, eventually taking up the responsibility of nurturing and upbringing the sparrow Diana herself. While this book and its story end at a point where one shall surely, having read until thereon and gotten used to this little truant, yearn for more aka what other exciting adventures lie in store for Hanna and her pet Diana.

Written with a quirky tone, this book I’d reiterate is for all who want to enjoy good children’s fiction and also teach and impart some of the best life lessons by way of the story and its characters to its readers.

Hanna is an extremely lovable, affable child and at the same time, I must admit the kind of mischief and naughtiness portrayed was surely something that made me feel like -ok, been there, done that! Yes, there was a distinct element of humour that Hina tried to fuse through the funny, naughty antics of Hanna throughout. Albeit, I must also compliment how well Hina has made us relive and get back to those fond, old memories of childhood, which  I had simply locked away and kept for ages now, refusing to acknowledge or go back to that part of my life. Yes, Hanna made me remind myself of a little bit of ol’ me when I was a kid, the tiny “utpatang harkats” I used to do to get entertainment and yet never was there ever a shard of causing damage to others on my mind.

The manner in which the story proceeds with this naughty little imp finding a sparrow who needs help and how eventually Hanna helps her grow takes care of her as well as becomes her best friend is as refreshing to read as can get. Sometimes, the simplest of stories tend to have certain elements, feeling and emotions that as tiny as they may come across have the power to warm up the insides of your heart and soul! I also loved the way in which Hina has added some pictures and sketches here and there to give more life, colour and also a defined “form” to her characters and story. Giving all the hashtags to create and follow whilst sharing anything related to the story or simply to wanting to express their opinion on the story or Hanna, Hina has also shared some hashtags such as #HannaGuardianofNature #WelcometoHannaBookFamily

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#MyBrainMyGameMyName and so on, at a few junctures to surreptitiously let her readers also know of ways they can reach out to her. A great book, pick this one and bookmark this one for the best children’s read, a refreshing new story with a very invaluable moral and also the first in a series of many more to follow. Hanna’s tete-a-tete with us whilst the story proceeds, her entire manner of talking and rationalizing situations made me realize just how far ahead we have come as a generation when kids like her take it upon themselves to take charge of nature too amidst all their childishness.

Born to Be Naughty (Hanna the Guardian of Nature)

Neelam Sharma
Author: Hina Nauman


So, hope you guys liked my thoughts on Born to be Naughty by Hina Nauman.

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