Book Review of The JAZ Gang & The Mystic Warrior by Vaishnavi Anantha

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I recently read part 2 of The JAZ Gang and I was stumped by the way this young Author Vaishnavi Anantha managed to fuse mythology with time travel and that too in a manner where the end surely left me spellbound as well as on another cliff hanger-the compulsion to believe that such complex and intricate stuff could be written and created by such a young writer. It is astounding how she has managed to not only bring a confluence of such huge and noteworthy characters she has also ensured that we are left brooding, musing upon the thought cracker chain she has managed to embolden through her tale

The sequel to the highly acclaimed and enjoyed the title of the series of The Jaz Gang titled The Jaz Gang: A Dangerous escapade, this one called Jaz Gang & the Mystic warrior is a brilliantly woven tale full of fiction fused together with interesting mythology as well as an array of exciting elements to spruce up this fantasy read.

So, in this one which proceeds with the trio having reached Mithila in the Ramayana era, evil seems to be on the prowl since the ancient city seems to be in definitive danger with the threat from an evil sorcerer who is hell-bent on not only destroying the city but also its name itself from history. Does he also seem to be extremely keen upon killing the trio aka the JAZ Gang? But why? 

Nevertheless, whenever he attempts to do so or even harm the ancient city he is unsuccessful in doing so as a mystical, enigmatic warrior seems to appear from nowhere, saving all of them from this evil sorcerer. However, there is only one problem. He seems to vanish the moment he is done saving them. 

So, coming back to the wondrous ancient city. Is this the Mithila the trio wanted to discover and see? Or is it simply a boring version of the same kingdom harbouring a rigid, backward sort of thought process and lifestyle? 

And then there is also the question of being finally able to meet Princess Sita in “reality”. Will the trio be able to do so? Or will they get caught, warped between the sands of time, stuck between an endless rigmarole of the space-time continuum? Well, you gotta read the book to know more guys.

Coming to the main plot, I was amazed by how effortlessly Vaishnavi managed to create as well as build a brilliantly conceived concept fusing mythology so brilliantly with the complex concept of time travel. Handling such tricky concepts and narratives can be very challenging write even for established, mature writers of the genre. And boy was I amazed at how Vaishnavi handled the same like a pro. Like she had been waiting all along to simply flourish her wand and mesmerize all those who were present to witness the miracle with a single flick of her wand aka her pen! True there was a bit of discrepancy as far as the finesse in the narrative is concerned, a bit of grammatical cleaning here and there but primarily, she has pulled off an amazing feat and I want to congratulate her for a brilliantly written book. Not only was the world-building handled exceptionally well, it kind of made you want to go back into time alongside the trio, exploring the contours of the civilization at that point in time, pausing enough to understand why was it that things were “hidden” or “whisked away” in an attempt to make them docile or ignorant to humanity. For instance, the light might have been discovered a few hundred years ago by Humphry Davy but there is enough evidence in our ancient heritage to show that it definitely was in vogue back then, hundreds of years before it was actually “discovered”. Well, exactly my point too. The ignorance of a thing cannot testimony the “temporary absence” of it from our lives. A fair point yeah!


Am super stoked and excited to see the way the story shall proceed in the next since this one too tends to end on a cliffhanger like the previous one (ok, I am not giving out any spoilers here huh!)  A brilliant book, bookmark this one for not only your next Children’s read but also definitely to be marked as a title important enough to pique the curiosity and interest of young readers, encouraging them to read more of such an exciting and dynamically thrilling series. Can’t wait for the next one too!

The JAZ Gang & The Mystic Warrior

Neelam Sharma
Author: Vaishnavi Anantha

Writing Style


An Ancient City. A Great Warrior. A Deadly Foe.
This book is a sequel to ‘The JAZ Gang: A Dangerous Escapade.’ The adventure continues as the JAZ Gang finds themselves in a whirlwind of deadly mysteries…
Evil is lurking around. An ancient city is in abysmal danger as a mysterious sorcerer is hell-bent on not only destroying the city & its name from history but, is also desperate to kill the JAZ Gang. Why? Every time he devises a fatal attack on the JAZ Gang or on the city, an enigmatic Mystic Warrior saves them all & vanishes. Who is this Mystic Warrior? A friend or a foe?
Most importantly has the JAZ Gang landed in Mithila? If yes, then will they discover an exciting city full of bewildering wonders or a boring ancient kingdom with rigid thinking & lifestyle? Will they meet princess Sita or get imprisoned in the sands of time?

Join the JAZ Gang in a captivating adventure of action, adrenalin, unexpected revelations, and celestial magic!


So, hope you guys liked the book review of The Jaz Gang & The Mystic Warrior by Vaishnavi Anantha, a brilliant Children’s fantasy book.

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