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Drishyam 2 Movie Review: A Box Office Blockbuster All Set to Rule the Silver Screen

Yet another remake of a non-Hindi movie, this one is surely a great fusion of a brilliant plot, logic as well as emotion along with the perfect set of thrills to accentuate this cinematic venture. Drishyam 2, Ajay Devgn’s latest is a movie which manages to tick the right boxes as far as acting, plot, precision and overall performance are concerned. Can Ajay Devgn deliver the thriller of the year?

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5 Reasons Why the Hindi Movie Vikram Vedha Failed to Live Up to Expectations

I don’t know what seems to be wrong with Bollywood movies nowadays. In spite of a stellar cast, brilliant performances, and a good storyline yet, the recent Bollywood Hindi movie Vikram Vedha not only fell flat on expectations, but it has also rekindled the old debate that Bollywood is failing big time. in recent times, when movies from Tollywood and other languages are garnering praise owing to their superb storylines and execution, it is sad to note that Bollywood seems to be stuck in a rut of sorts, incapable of being able to deliver anything fresh, striking, hard-hitting or sensational. In fact, the best plots do not get the recognition they deserve such as Vikram Vedha thanks to a poor screenplay execution.

An unexpected bane seems to be plaguing Hindi movies in recent times. A jinx we need to surely break through.#BuckupBollywood.

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