Exploring The Ergonomics Of Empathy And Its Place In Our Life – Leading With Empathy By Gautham Pallapa | A Book Review

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Book Review of Leading With Empathy By Gautham Pallapa

When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.

Susan Sarandon

The Internet Moguls Of The World

Review by Neelam, Booxoul.com

Author: Ishita Desai And Manoj Vijayan

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In Leading with Empathy: Understanding the Needs of Today’s Workforce, acclaimed strategist and business leader Dr Gautham Pallapa presents an insightful roadmap to leading people through adversity and empowering humans in the workplace, the home, and society. 
Through this book, the distinguished author examines the impact of recent world-shaking events and how they have impacted us as a species and as individuals. He explores how empathy can help alleviate some of the more harmful effects of hardship and offers key actions that empathic leaders can take to inspire their followers. Finally, the book describes how to transform the way we work by rethinking and reimagining existing processes and innovatively introducing strategic disruption. 

An essential read for executives, managers, and business leaders of all types, Leading with Empathy will also earn a place on the bookshelves of military, athletic, and educational leaders who seek to inspire their followers and empower humanity in the face of adversity. 


Empathy. A word that is small yet has the power to move mountains, especially in today’s world where thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic we have realized the true significance of empathy and also its true viability as far as leading the workforce and scaling and making a business mega-successful is concerned.

An empathy that literally emulates sympathy, rapport and responsive cottoning on is surely what is the true need of the hour. Today, the world has been thrown off balance thanks to the pandemic’s layoff and several other massive after effects, it becomes more important than ever to ensure that empathy is not only adopted as a practice it forms part of our culture globally.

Ever thought about what actually can work as a huge weapon to mass destroy the wrong doings of evildoers? Simple. Empathy.

There are several books that are published every day with many of them being strategy and business-oriented. But seldom comes a book with such a stark clarity and transparency of objects. A total game-changer, leading with empathy by renowned business strategist and leader Gautham Pallapa is an initiative, a shout out to not only transforming the work culture but also catering to the psychological needs of the workforce, especially in these unprecedented times.

With a combination of stories, anecdotes, as well as musings Gautham here, has tried to point out the suffering one faces and also suggested actions for leaders to empower people through empathy, collaboration and communication thereby improving the overall happiness and positivity.

We seem to have turned pretty materialistic in recent times. We are successfully teaching our children the importance of education, career and other concepts. But how about teaching the joy of living? Those necessary qualities of giving, empathizing with another? Why is it that we fail to impart those to our children at a young age itself?

Take Japan’s example. Today, children at a very young age there are not only taught to be self-dependent and self-reliant, respecting their elders, alongside also imparting them the values of humility and empathy towards all and also serving the society at large, which form a crucial part of their early teaching. Shouldn’t this be adopted as a culture and a practice, a live exercise to be followed, throughout the world?

Foraying into the different aspects such as the racial inequality as well as gender inequality along with the financial impact on industries at large, the repercussions of these facets and their overall impact on the society have been minutely examined and perused in detail so as to suggest the perfect and plausible solution out of the same.

Gautham has discussed stress in detail shedding light on the three major stress hormones and also understanding their causes and effects. He tops this one by delving into understanding empathy, the difference between it and sympathy and also its true value and significance, especially in times of the new normal. Enlisting the benefits of empathy in the workplace he further elaborates on creating the perfect work-life balance through employee empathy and also showcases the importance of leading in today’s times with empathy.

The idea portrayed is superb. To create an environment where employees can feel psychologically safe and perform better, innovate in more meaningful ways thereby raising not only the work-life balance but also the work-soul balance. According to Gautham, empathy emerges as one of the biggest forces to battle the anguish of the pandemic and its impacts. He also has stressed the fact that one needn’t be a leader to lead with empathy, as their actions in such testing times make them a leader alone.

Thus, establishing empathy as a core tenet of any organization’s work culture is the main message of this brilliant piece of writing by a business leader who has also been highly acclaimed for his acumen and contribution in this field.


A brilliant piece of writing that could very well become the nest psychological handbook for the workforce area building, in an environment, we have come to recognize as the new normal and also teach us the vitality of the concept of empathy and its true place in today’s work culture which will go a very long way in establishing a balance in work-life equations.

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