Travelling to Mansarovar from the comfort of your home? Possible? Book Review of Inner Trek: A Reluctant Pilgrim’s Journey Through the Himalayas by Mohan Ranga Rao

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Inner Trek: A Reluctant Pilgrim’s Journey Through the Himalayas

Neelam Sharma,

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After being threatened by a Bangalore mob boss, a retired Indian businessman in Mohan Ranga Rao makes a vow: if he somehow gets out of the situation, he will thank the gods by going on Kailash Mansarovar, a holy mountain pilgrimage in Tibet. What starts out as merely a challenging high-altitude trek soon becomes a life-changing adventure. With a blend of humour, honesty and keen insight, Mohan journeys toward a deeper understanding of the world around him.

A memoir of a road less travelled and a true story of self-discovery at 18,000 feet.

“A modern Canterbury Tales, telling of a fascinating real-life adventure.“ Dr C Naganna, University of Mysore

“A heartwarming read; a spiritual adventure.” Anuradha Goyal, The Mouse Charmers

About the Author
Mohan Rango Rao is an accomplished businessman, an avid traveller, and a generous philanthropist. He has visited over thirty different countries and is drawn to places of natural beauty and physically challenging trails. He plays tennis daily, takes frequent hikes and reads anything from scotch labels to quantum physics to Vedanta.


Sometimes you come across a book that completely changes your entire aura, your spiritual path. That’s when you realize the repercussions of a good book, a joyous read, a wholesome slice of life that particular piece of writing imparts through itself, slowly and gradually with the turn of every single page.

For me, such a book happened to be Inner Trek: A Reluctant Pilgrim’s Journey through the Himalayas.

When I started reading this book, I had an inclination that this was a story related to a trip to Kailash Mansarovar. As I proceeded, the complete land mafia angle came into vogue. I nevertheless delved further, waiting to see where the story led me on to. That’s when I got amazed by the kind of writing that Mohan Ranga Rao has managed to execute. It is simply not a story of his journey to this destination, but also a journey encapsulating his entire experience. The twist of fate depicted through the way in which the story changes vantage from the land mafia angle to Kailash Mansarovar was an absolute gobsmack!! The fact that Mohan, who to my knowledge is not a religious person, still undertakes this yatra, having been convinced by his wife to do the same, really gave a very personalized kind of touch to the story for me. 

Traveling Mansarovar Yatra. Book Review of Inner Trek: A Reluctant Pilgrim’s Journey Through the Himalayas by Mohan Ranga Rao

I also enjoyed his rapport with his wife. The way he understands her, his tete a tete with his wife, and the witty conversations between both of them have been absolute high points for me throughout. The way his wife convinces him to go for the trek, their journey and its related facets, the pit stops they make, and Mohan’s wry humour throughout, kept me entertained as well as amused. What also caught my attention was the manner in which he dished out such life-altering details as well as facts related to the yatra and the trek in a simple yet non-overwhelming way. His rapport with his wife, the way he understands her, his tete a tete with his wife, and the witty conversations between both of them have been absolute high points for me throughout. Also, the point where his wife tells him to undertake the yatra and he shows a vague indecisiveness was relatable. 

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What really took me off guard was that once they started the yatra, I could totally experience the aura shifting and it was not just a spiritual one but a completely holistic kind of experience. I felt that I was part of it all along the journey, be it Nepal or Mansarovar, especially, or even the other stops, and their illustrative descriptiveness was absolute bliss to read. All the minute details incorporated were done with the most aesthetic atmosphere creation from the readers’ point of view.

The point where they started the Mansarovar trek, the jokes along the journey, the snippets of discussions they had with all those who were undertaking the trek, made me feel as if I was in complete tandem, travelling alongside them. I was equally intrigued to find out why the author and his fellow group members were undertaking this trek. At the Dolma La Pass point in the story, it was a turning point for me, as being at the Parvati Kund, one has to offer a flag or any other offering, and as our writer did not have anything in particular to offer, he started meditating. He chose to do away with his selfdom and offered it to the Goddess by way of a giveaway. This, for me, was one of the strongest highlights of this lovely narrative. Instead of being obnoxious or materialistic, he chose to part with something that, in reality, is one of the crucial stepping stones in the hierarchy of self-actualisation. 

There are multiple points throughout the narrative which are my personal favourites. However, I would not reveal more as I strongly feel that you guys should go ahead and read this one to experience what I intend to convey from the bottom of my heart. 

Some books are simply not the Writers escapade to the world he believes to be a part of, rather they are windows to those realities which are omnipresent and which form a vital part of his eventual reality. 

The complete story of why and how Mohan has undertaken this trek is not only inspiring but a musing of sorts as it surely compels one to question the rationalities of listening to worldly talks instead of choosing to follow the voice of their inner soul.

I generally don’t get emotional that easily as I do so only when I truly am able to fathom and relate to the emotion Be it the death of a favourite character or a complete twist in the tale that is simply incomprehensible. However, here all I had was tears of happiness. For me, this was a first. Especially, the last few pages were a homecoming of sorts for me. As for me, an ardent Shiva devotee, I realized at that instance that this is my Mansarovar yatra as I won’t be able to undertake a physical, actual one in future. 

This book filled me with drops of Happiness to the last bit as the experience is as divine for me as it is rational for the writer.

But thanks to Mohan’s writing, I have travelled virtually, in flesh, there. Because of this book, I have also made many friends. Through this book, I happened to meet Rachita Mohan, who is Mohan’s daughter too, and I must say she is one of those people I am glad to have met in my life. I also happened to e-meet his wife, who is an equally loving and humble person.

Sometimes, the universe acts in a manner that is in sync with your Karmic cosmos. For me, reading and the complete experience called inner Trek has been absolutely spellbinding, enlightening, fulfilling and much much more.  

So what are you guys waiting for then?

Inner Trek is a title that is highly recommended by us @Booxoul.

Go grab your copy of Inner trek and embark upon this wondrous journey of true self-actualization, a true response to the Inner Soul call…

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