Made in Future by Prashant Kumar – Decoding Media and Marketing Methods

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What if you find a book that challenges the pre-established methods to success and marketing and yet land up with an outcome 10x more powerful than the former? Prashant Kumar’s latest Made in Future is the perfect handbook to understand the content, media and marketing of our times. A radical endeavour coupled with a pragmatic approach is your go-to for achieving the perfect synergy in marketing and media.

Business cycles are always disruptive and multi-dynamic in nature. What with the advent of a plethora of exposure especially to science and technology in the last 15 years or so, we as individuals are far ahead of where we stood 15 years ago, thanks to the constant upgrade and adaptation of all those skills and practices which are extremely essential to be adhered to, in order to achieve maximum success out of the available and do so in a potentially effective and optimal manner.

Digital content aka Brand and related data hence, becomes a subject matter of pivotal importance I feel, especially in a competitive atmosphere like today’s to be well acquainted with all the dos and don’ts of the field. Understanding the changing business scenario in the light of the challenges present and that too with the correct substantial amount of research and data available has become extremely crucial in order to ensure a 100 % growth and success rate. In such a scenario it is crucial that we not only understand the present aka the NOW and adapt to it, but we also keep our thoughts in tandem to the future and understand all those aspects which will form an indispensable part of marketing in the future.

For me, one of the most engaging aspects of the narrative has been how Prashant has explained all of the examples and evidence in support of the theory presented and content given forth by him with the help of illustrative facts, figures and diagrams. A treasure trove and an invaluable mine of marketing information, the data presented is a universal one, applicable to all alike. What’s more, I feel that the language and terms used by Prashant throughout the book have been simplified so as to enable a clear and concise understanding of the relevant terminologies.

To sell any product or service, or even to adopt any business practice successfully, it is essential to not only understand the market and its mechanisms but also all other factors such as the target audiences, brand building and placement plus positioning, creativity and social media presence, existing as well as possible potential market places, business strategies and a host of other facets. In such a challenging scenario, Prashant’s narrative is not only a simplified piece of assimilated information, it is also one of those windows which act as a connector of sorts for entrepreneurs to keep in line and tandem with the constantly updating marketing and social media scenario.

I would strongly recommend this book to not only established but also new as well as wannabe entrepreneurs in order to gain an expert’s insight into all those aspects which require complete knowledge before conducting a successful business or adopting a potentially competitive marketing practice.

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Leading all onward a path to the future, Prashant here has shown us how in the present as well as in the future all ongoing as well as would be adopted marketing strategies of the metaverse will appear and how they will influence every aspect of our business and related activities. A superbly written narrative and a great endeavour coming from the pinnacle of knowledge, it comes as no surprise given that Prashant Kumar is a founder of Entropia. Gen next marketing services Co, is also a distinguished panellist at leading marketing global and business platforms across the globe. Wise words are put down to be emulated by a wise entrepreneur. Go grab this one if you want to sharpen up your marketing and media skills to make them in line with the future.

Made in Future

Neelam Sharma
Author: Prashant Kumar

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Over the last two decades, the disruption brought about by data and technology has created a wide chasm between marketing strategy and what really works in the marketplace.

Made in Future is a groundbreaking new book that seeks to recast marketing from a white sheet, with an incisive view of how vast changes in media, content, influences and people’s expectations have come together to write a new story of marketing.

The book challenges a lot of the accepted wisdom of the past, yet is brutal where the hype is ahead of substance. In the process, it offers an alternative journey that is conceptually whole, makes you think and helps you follow it all up with pragmatic decisions.


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