The 5 Most Popular Indian Reality TV Shows You Must Never Miss

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Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge, aka DDLJ, has been running in the Maratha Mandir for 27 years. Well, reality TV shows is not far behind. KBC, India’s best reality TV game show, has been on the air for almost 22 years too. Now, that is what I call a “Kaante ki takkar!” Reality game shows have been some of the most viewed ones in the history of Indian TV. Here are 5 Indian reality TV shows you must never miss.

Reality TV shows, or the “real-life depiction format,” is something that has always resonated with audiences of all ages. Having the ability to connect with the masses at large, these reality shows, when presented in a game format, always incite a lot of excitement and thrill in the audiences. To be able to feel that thrill and relate to the adrenaline in the same fashion is something every single person wants to feel and experience. At the same time, channels and digital platforms where these reality TV shows are televised want to ensure higher TRPs as well as increased advertisement revenues through the same.

Nevertheless, leaving the commercial aspect aside, there are some real game shows that are so good that you cannot help watching them. With an amazing concept, flawless execution, and assimilation of the best, these shows are what make them worth their weight in gold. So I thought I’d share the five best Indian reality TV shows you shouldn’t miss today:

Shark Tank India

An entrepreneurial game show, this one is a huge favourite with the audiences. Following in the footsteps of its international counterpart, this one brings entrepreneurs from all over India to pitch their business ideas for funding to some of the country’s most prominent business people, who also happen to be venture capitalists acting as angel investors, funding these businesses. What makes this show one of the most successful and hyped is the brilliant format, crisp editing, skilled execution, and, most importantly, finesse to the entire show that is there because of a pristine clarity in the core idea. While season one of this one saw phenomenal success with 67 businesses being funded with a total of Rs 42 crores, the show was an equal “Midas” for the channel too, getting the best earnings in the form of ad revenues. Psst, season 2 is still ongoing. Sorry to burst your bubble, guys. Ashneer is missing. And yet, it is as exciting as first, I promise!

MasterChef India

In the chef’s very own “kitchen,” “Yahan par khaane pe pura India aata har roz,” indeed. While a previous season saw Chef Vineet join the superb bro ranks of Chef Ranvir Brar and Chef Vikas Khanna, the latest season is surely the one that I’d call “pure love.” No, it’s not only Ranvir and Vikas; it’s also the presence of Michelin-starred chef Garima Arora, which excites and enthrals me. The quiet smile, the calm demeanour—is there any reason not to love her alongside her brilliant skills? And yes, Ranvir and Vikas’ bro code is incredible!

A cooking reality show where home cooks from all over the country battle for the coveted title of “MasterChef,”  this one too takes inspiration from its international peers while retaining the original idea and giving it a “desi” but tasty tadka.

Big Boss

“Okay, need I say more?” Having a super successful international version of “Apun Ka D,” one that has mostly had “Sallu Bhai” as the host, is like having “bun-maska, chai” for those who watch reality TV daily. Based on the famous and highly successful “Big Brother,”  with multiple cameras watching and capturing your every single move, contestants who are public figures or celebrities are locked together in one big house for a period of more than 100 days. The winner is the one who survives the “quarantine” as well as the jibes and politics of his fellow contestants and wins by popular vote. It’s awesome reality TV if you ask me, as watching these daily life wanderings of the celebs unfold in such a scandalous manner is entertainment on another level.

Indian Idol

Ok, this one has been my favourite, like, since I was a child. Literally! This is a show that has my heart, watching talented singers from across India, from the smallest of villages, croon away a host of songs, from old beloved classics to new age numbers. Despite its simple format, the show has a history of having a great viewership, and the majority of the time, it is the banter the judges hold with the contestants that becomes a great source of entertainment as well as knowledge. Ok, there is controversy too, sometimes agreed, but by and large, almost all the seasons of this have been an amazing treat for music lovers as well as non-music lovers alike.

Kaun Banega Crorepati

Based on the popular “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” show, I think there is barely anybody who has “not” heard or seen KBC ever. The deep baritone of Amitabh Bachchan and the profound knowledge that accompanies this amazing quiz show where one can earn money by answering general knowledge questions from all walks of life have struck the highest chord with its audiences for a reason—the personal touch given to the concept courtesy Amit ji’s brilliant delivery has made it a universal favourite. Those who watch it daily enjoy it, get enlightened, and most importantly, get joined together by a common purpose, I’d say. The little string of sorts connects larger groups, like families, compelling them to come together at dinner time and watch TV together. Yes, KBC has contributed significantly more to our lives than just knowledge. It is the wisdom of living together too if you ask me.

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So there you have it: the five most popular Indian reality TV shows you should never miss watching.

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