N for Nourish by Pooja Makhija


N for Nourish

The moment I picked this book up, I was certain that life would not be the same after reading this book and oh boy! Was I wrong? It was amazing to know how so much of the wealth of information can be contained in such a tiny book.

If you think Pooja’s ‘N for Nourish’ is a children’s book, then you are mistaken. It is a hands-on encyclopedia for our daily nourishment. It manages the rudiments or rather it gets to the fundamentals of nourishment and our dietary habits.

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N for Nourish‘ is not what you call a ground-breaking book. No, It isn’t. However, it does make you realize, what you are eating or rather not eating. Moreover how you are abusing your body and mind with your eating habits. This book is full of fun facts and amazing pictures. Each brief chapter tells you about Nutrition, food to eat and when to eat, Activities, etc., with a short explanation. It takes a gander at the fundamental parts of eating – the amount to eat, and when to eat. This book is a reminder to healthy, which we may have forgotten in our fast lifestyle. And that is why we need a book like this to keep reminding us from time to time, about what we should eat and how. A must-read for people who want to know more about food and its implications and how it changes lives.

The writing style of the author is simple yet the effect it has on you incredible. Since reading this book, I have brought about many minor and major changes in my otherwise toxic lifestyle. This book ‘N for Nourish’ is a must-read for everyone, regardless of their age. It has earned a 5 out 5 stars for everything this book contains.

N for Nourish

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