Pebbles on Paper | A Book Review

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Swati Khatri’s Pebbles on Paper

Me being emotional, I get overwhelmed by emotions every now and then. So what do I do when I get wrought with emotions? Well, then I scavenge for words. 

Words that I find on the pages of poetry books. Oddly enough, they have power to set my soul free and give shape to my unspoken emotions. I can then analyse and make peace with them. My emotions. 

And for that reason only I read poetries from all walks of life, because you never know what poems are going to make a home in ones heart. And stay there forever, healing you, one poem at a time.

“What are we if not some stories? Those stories which create desire, Stories which burn like fire. Who are we if not those stories?”

Recently, while I was scavenging for some poetries, I came across a book by Swati Khatri’s Pebbles on Paper. Though, the poems are simply written, the collection struck a with me. These words flowed through me, cleansing every crevices of my soul. After reading them, I completely agree with the author, when she said that this collection of emotions, we all go through at different stages of life.

Swati Khatri’s Pebbles on Paper not only contains poetries but also has a few essays, that were nicely written. 

The book is divided in nine sections. Each section has something to offer us all. Spreading wisdom at each turn of page, or rather I’d say keeping in mind today’s mind today’s time, each page sanitizes us from within. 

I liked most of the poems by Swati; though I just wish she had worked on the poetries and essays more. Like polishing them to sparkling shine. Anyways, reading the book was a treat to my heart. I’d like to recommend Pebbles on Paper to all poetry fans to read it at least once.

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