Poetries of emotions – Book review of Ochre by Shristi Saini

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Neelam Sharma, Booxoul



It was an unexpected but beautiful bouquet of Poetries.


Ochre by Shristi Saini is a compilation of 61 poems based on abstraction. They are random poems, random thoughts and yet manage to thrum a string deep within.

I loved the name of the book. It somehow makes everything more alive; to choose Ochre over other colours. 

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Poems have a way influencing. However long or short, they make you think as no form of literature does. A poem can be interpreted anyhow, one can have a thousand meanings! Poems are magic and nothing less. 

My most favorite piece in Ochre is the prologue. Yes, it’s not titled and was not meant to be read as a poem, but it managed to move me so HARD!! Here it goes: 

To me, words have the power to break me down and let me shed the wolf skin I glue to my sheep bones. They have the power to strengthen me, make me forget my sheep bones and focus on my lion heart. 

Damn!! That was mind-blowing. Honestly, you wanna make my cry in 10 seconds? Read me poetry and you win.

Coming back to the book, I loved everything about it, from the cover to the title to the prologue to the poems. I am smitten. A huge shoutout to Shristi Saini for making this book exist; it is beautiful.

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