Poetry Book Review of Runa – Fleeting Thoughts Collected By Veekay, A Simple Yet A Warm Pursuit To Live And Its Intricacies

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Runa – Fleeting Thoughts Collected By Veekay. Review of a poetry book.

Runa – Fleeting Thoughts Collected

Review by Neelam Sharma, Booxoul.com

Author: Veekay
Writing Style


A pocket collection of poems capturing thoughts collected over a period of 3 years by the author. Rhyme-less pieces that would resonate with all the wanderers at heart, the moonchild souls and the quirky minds. Let your imagination run wild and get lost in the scribbles of the author.
The book is a roller coaster of emotions ranging from love, loss and rediscovery of self. An easy-on-the-mind read which can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee and a warm blanket on a chilly evening or a cosy afternoon.


The beauty of life lies in capturing and mulling over the essence of the simplest things it offers us persistently.


True to every last bit these words are I feel. Poetry for me especially has always held the utmost importance simply because not only is it a breakthrough reading one gets to do, but it also comprises of mulling over and soaking in those sunshine moments of life which are always present, but which we somehow fail to notice. A bird sitting on a branch of a tree flapping away its wings might be an ordinary phenomenon, but a poet who artistically captures such a simple, effortless yet vital pursuit, framing that in a much more purpose and motive oriented stance, now that is what I’d say is true art. 

I usually, as a habit generally end up carrying 4 to 5 books in my tote/satchel whenever I am headed out. Of these 2 at least are poetries as I like to read poems intermittently, between breaks, pursuing them with ease, yet a delicacy I specifically reserve for the poetry reading alone. That is because to soak in the warmth of those words, bask in the melancholy, dive deep and dodge back to the present is what really intrigues me as a voracious reader, exciting me to the core with the art poems promise to deliver.


A book of poems I recently finished by Veekay exactly gave me all of this and much more.  This collection having been curated by mulling and musing over thoughts envisioned over a period of 3 years is a treasure of true everyday pearls. Micro poetry as we call it is always a form I feel the majority of the readers relate to thanks to its relatability and the packet punch kind of format. I know you guys will be like traditional poetry is what is essentially the most viable but hey times are changing and tiny little pearls which emerge from one’s everyday rendezvous with the wonder called life need to be recorded in a way which is appealing as well as reader-friendly.

Veekay’s poems here are exactly that and much more. Imagine yourself with a hot cup of chocolate, on a cold winter’s day, looking away to oblivion, over the mountains, oblivion which is mesmerizing as well as intimidating at the same time. A collection pertaining to love, life and hope this one promises a huge ensemble, stringing together the daily wanderings of life, fashioning them out seamlessly into a string of an exquisite chain of thoughts that you shall love to dive into.

For Veekay, I guess simplicity has been the primary key factor. His poems are relevant and relatable to all in general. Yet, what for me, especially made them stand apart from others was the fact that he has approached each and every thought, and created every fine line with the elegance that is rare. There are watercolour illustrations scattered amidst these pieces which were an amazing addition I’d say. Not to forget the grain of the paper, with its slight watermarks, making it a truly collectable piece.

Wanted to share one of my favourites from the book here:

“One day…
You will cross my perfect picket fence and fragrant rose gardens and prim painted glass doors and fluffy welcome mats and uncomfortable smiles and hidden shadows to finally stretch out into my cemetery of lost love and broken smiles.”

A good piece of writing by Veekay. A great warm poetry collection too.

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