School vs. College

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From one gate to another gate,
Though I am still always late,
Things changed, and the life too,
To moments I had to bid adieu!!

School vs. College

What do you miss the most right now, like your favorite memory? That old school love? Those last bench pranks? That college bunk for a date? Or those late-night hostel parties?

It’s so amazing how gradually changes occur, from a heavy school bag to few copies in hands, from those ribbon-tied hairs to fringes and layers, from that decent face to some grown unkempt beard. Too many changes!! Let’s take a look at the two most talked about phases of our life, SCHOOL VS COLLEGE.


1) Punctuality

School: On-time always. Not even a minute late. Rather 20 min before the bell rang. I swear I have seen children crying out loud even if they got late by 10 min to school.

College: “Me and punctual? Oh, Shut up!”, this was the reaction of most of my college mates when I questioned them about being punctual. Often I see, when the college starts at 9 am, one of my friends leaves the bed just 15 min prior to it. So, unfortunately never punctual. (Even happens with me at times! :-P)

2) Attendance

School: A decent attendance of 90%, 80%, 75% for that matter. A medical certificate for 74%. Going to school even with a high fever.

College: 75% of attendance… Ask those students who strive hard for the minimum attendance criteria so that they can give the papers. And on top of that what sucks is we get marked on the basis of our college attendance. Seems funny to me at times… ?

3) Exams

School: Full syllabus done, revision done 2 times, just need to look a few formulae once, slept at 11 pm.

College: Its 11 pm at night. Course- just started. Studying for half an hour and taking a nap of an hour. And then you get reminded of an old memory and when you get back on track you see the time, and it’s 1:00 am.

4) The Semblance!

School: A clear distinction between boys and girls. Boys with short well-kept hair. Small beard. Girls with either plated hair or tied with ribbons. A decent look although.

College: Sometimes it gets difficult even to differentiate the gender. Though personal it is, yet I would like to mention that there was a time when a close friend of mine(male to avoid any confusion) had longer front hairs than mine. And I was like, okay, not a big deal. And at times that unkempt beard. No one to judge here, but not that decent a look I guess. Girls with those flying hair, wonder if they don’t get irritated. No offense though.

5) The special occasions, BORN DAY!!

School: A big party at home, distributing those sweets in school with the best friend. That was the day when people got to know that two people were best friends.

College: Party-all-night…party-all-night.. On the birthday eve, two cakes on the table, one for the cake cutting, one for the face painting… ? Some hard birthday bombs, a few pictures and a lot of memories for a lifetime.

6) The most painful things  ?

School: When the teacher is absent but the substitution teacher is one of your subject teachers and your extra P.T. period is canceled. ?

College: When you return from a hectic morning to noon schedule and find the worst food of your life, the mess food. At times, it feels like the world is broken.
(P.S.- I’m sure, every one of you who has had mess food, must have complained at least once in life to your parents about it. Well, I do it regularly without any break.)

7) Desires!!!

School: Simple desires of having a phone, leave getting the number of your crush, even the sight is a delight. And some have the high desires to topping the school.

College: A perfect body with abs, without even working hard for it. A college placement. High profile jobs. And the best better half. ?

.   .   .   .   .

This is how life changes from school to college and I hope you felt related to these 7 School vs College facts, the basic things though. How the desires and dreams change. How we change gradually. What changes did you find in yourself, do share in the comments section?

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Happy Reading 🙂

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