Sidereal Destiny | A Book Review

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Sidereal Destiny by Vaishnavi Sanoj

What if every move of your life is being governed by the distant stars and moon?

A destiny governed by each word of an astrologer.


Two couples, Arpitha – Aarush and Anand – Rashmi has no bounds. The only thing dividing getting them together is a thin boundary of caste, religion, social status, and Arpitha and Anand’s mother. A mother, who does not take a step without consulting star’s chart.

Chaos reigns in these two couples’ life.

But will they escape their fate drawn their chart? or they will fight their destiny against all odds?


A true storyteller knows how to keep its readers hooked and in this case, Vaishnavi is a master in storytelling.

Author Vaishnavi has given utmost importance to the plot. The twists and turns never fail to shake its readers from the very edge of the seat.

The concept of the story is taken out of our everyday lives yet the way the story is told is simply astounding.

Though the beginning of the story is slow but as you near the third chapter, the story takes the pace and hooks you to each word.

I really enjoyed the narrative. It is so smooth, it enthralls you to keep reading till late at night.

It is a very light read and yet potent. The author gives us something to think about throughout the story.

A lot of thought is given to the characterization. Each character has a distinct personality. And some characters leave their imprints on you.

However, there is a good balance of everything: characters, their emotions and the emotions in between.

Do I recommend this book?

Vaishnavi’s Sidereal Destiny is a perfect light read. Fast-paced and very enthralling. The written simplicity bowls over its readers and earns a 5 out of 5 stars.

You can get your copy of ‘Sidereal Destiny‘ on Amazon.

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