A Silent Promise by Namrata Gupta

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A Silent Promise is a story of an 18-year-old college fresher Avantika Sareen’s journey. Avantika is heartbroken from her first love and her initial struggle to keep up with her new life as a college student. And to top it all, she is troubled by a nightmare which keeps haunting her over and over.

Avantika finds an unusual companion and a Soulmate in her college Professor Keith Joseph. Keith Sir’s love makes her realize that there is much greater happiness and sadness in the world than her own. The unconventional love story between the protagonist Avantika and Professor and the purity of love & respect they share with each other proves the real beauty of the book.

“’It is about two individuals being fascinated by each other, two souls understanding each other, and two human beings admiring each other”

As always the fate has cruel plans for Avantika. The most beautiful and happiest day of her life ends with an unexpected cruel, soul-shattering event and turns her world upside down. She is left to question the compassion and the humanity…

If you’re in your late-teens and early-twenties, then you would easily relate with the book. ’A silent promise’ describes emotions one experiences through college life. Despair, heartbreak, revival, love, and loss within a few hours time. And for me, it turned out to be a path to Nostalgia lane.

What I liked about the book?

The book was fast paced and had an essence of TV seriesishness to it… And as I am a sucker for such books, I devoured the book in no time. (And eagerly waiting for the second part).

What I disliked about the Book?

I loved the first half of the Book (Actually more than the first half). But the latter half could have done with more chapters for the characters to evolve as there was a lot of scope in Character development. A few chapters and sometimes the characters lacked depth and emotions.

A Silent Promise by Namrata Gupta

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About Namrata Gupta (Author)

Namrata Gupta has a master’s degree in management from LBSIM, Delhi. A literature graduate from Hans Raj College, she writes content for websites and blogs regularly and wants to make an immutable influence on the minds of the readers through her writing. She loves traveling and exploring new things.

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