Simply Amazing!

Ambuj by Anita Shirodkar This year, unlike last, has been pretty good in reading. I got an opportunity to read some amazing books from Indian authors. Authors like Anita Shirodkar, whose book Ambuj is a book 3 in the trilogy GUARDIANS OF THE BLUE LOTUS. I was initially confused about the story as I hadn’t read the previous two books. Fortunately, as it turns out that there was a quick summary of the previous two books at the beginning of the book, which really helped me understand the concept of this book well. Though, I gotta read it’s previous two books. I must say I was mighty impressed with how the author created every part of the story. From the execution of the story to the characters and the narration. I wish I had a chance of reading the previous two books of the trilogy. Anita’s book Ambuj is a fast-paced thrill ride. You will be sucked in the vortex of the twist and turns the story takes. Simply amazing. Though you have to keep tabs of the several characters this book has. The author has artfully weaved the story with elements of love, adventure, politics in a beautifully imagined world, with an air of mystery surrounding it. The narrative is brilliantly done, amalgamating various parts of the story smoothly. The language was easy to understand and crisp and lucid. The vividness of the story doesn’t fail to impress its readers. And the characters are brilliantly thought of and executed by the author. Each character has a trait that defines his personality in rather an impressive way. What I didn’t like about the book was its size. It was a bit stretched for my liking. Overall an amazing read. A must-read for people who like to read Indian fictional mythology and fantasy. It’s a 4 out of 5 stars read for me!

This book is going to sweep you off your feet!

A Man from Mandu by Manoj V Jain “So be careful in what you choose, in what you commit, and in your relationships with your studies, your work, your parents, your lovers, and friends. Commitment and responsibility come with freedom, ropes are binding us all, and you have to know which ones to untie and which ones to keep.” This is simply the Era where Spiritual Guru advances as Brands. What’s more, there is no deficiency in profound messages flooding our internet based life. Keeping this as the topic of the book A Man from Mandu’s author Manoj Jain gives his readers a fascinating story of Avishkar Baba, AKA #SadhuOfStories’ in his most recent novel. I have heard quite good praises for Manoj V Jain’s books, yet this is the first occasion when I read one of his books, and I should state, I was really dazzled with his varied way to deal with a storyline. He is one of the rare sorts of people who know how to interest and enchant his readers. What’s more, I was captivated by the minute I began reading the book. From the absolute first page, this book is going to give you a lot to contemplate over. The story is told through the perspective of Tarini, who is almost 40 years old and clueless about her career and life. A bet with her closest friend gives her what she looking for. A challenge. All she has to do is use her marketing skills to create a Brand Guru Avishkar Baba. Avishkar Baba, a new age guru who is gradually gaining popularity. Slowly, his band of devotees duplicates. And he meets them twice a month and keeps them mesmerized with his abstract stories. But the question is who precisely is Avishkar Baba, and what is his game? Is it safe to say that he is a conman, a storyteller or is he the real Guru? I was aghast after reading about how a Guru is rebranded and marketed. And how these Social Media help them grow. What I really liked about the book was its narration. It had a ‘magical realism’ quality. I was captivated by the story throughout. And the language used in the book is crisp, clear and easy to understand. The concept and the storyline of the book are quite unique. It has quite a few backstories, which are weaved smoothly into one story. This fast-paced book is going to sweep you off your feet. A must recommend for every fiction lover. For me, it’s a 4 out of 5 stars read. You can buy this book on Amazon or Flipkart.