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by Anita Shirodkar

This year, unlike last, has been pretty good in reading. I got an opportunity to read some amazing books from Indian authors. Authors like Anita Shirodkar, whose book Ambuj is a book 3 in the trilogy GUARDIANS OF THE BLUE LOTUS.

Ambuj by Anita Shirodkar

I was initially confused about the story as I hadn’t read the previous two books. Fortunately, as it turns out that there was a quick summary of the previous two books at the beginning of the book, which really helped me understand the concept of this book well. Though, I gotta read it’s previous two books.

I must say I was mighty impressed with how the author created every part of the story. From the execution of the story to the characters and the narration. I wish I had a chance of reading the previous two books of the trilogy.

Anita’s book Ambuj is a fast-paced thrill ride. You will be sucked in the vortex of the twist and turns the story takes. Simply amazing.

Though you have to keep tabs of the several characters this book has. The author has artfully weaved the story with elements of love, adventure, politics in a beautifully imagined world, with an air of mystery surrounding it.

The narrative is brilliantly done, amalgamating various parts of the story smoothly. The language was easy to understand and crisp and lucid. The vividness of the story doesn’t fail to impress its readers. And the characters are brilliantly thought of and executed by the author. Each character has a trait that defines his personality in rather an impressive way.

What I didn’t like about the book was its size. It was a bit stretched for my liking. Overall an amazing read.

A must-read for people who like to read Indian fictional mythology and fantasy.

It’s a 4 out of 5 stars read for me!

Ambuj by Anita Shirodkar

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